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AK & Variants Picture Thread

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I understand but for the price VFC is still out of shape, Buying a Dboys/Kalash full steel variant is much better for the money then buying a VFC.

Don't forget that VFC AKs all only come with 320FPS. So you need to buy atleast a stronger spring and another Piston/Piston Head.

Kalash comes with 400FPS out of the box.

(Can only speak about my Kalash AKSU)





After a year or so, Dboys AK's fps dropped considerably...both ones I had chronoed over 380 when new, now they are down to 350-ish and one of them had air nozzle's o-ring fall off so it shot at 200-ish...


The finish on VFC is what is important. Also, VFC Aks-74 is on sale for $300 on airsplat in case anyone did not know. :D

I did not like black plastic bushing on VFC, for the record; and I do plan to get at least a Guarder SP120 spring.


With that said, I am still planning on getting VFC AK-74M later for a more modern impression.


Also, VFC shoots about 40% faster than RealSword models with high torque motors, which shot about as fast as Dboys(I am beginning to think that the motors from RealSword and Dboys are made by the same company to similar specs...).

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HAY GUYS! I has AK too. Can I join?

My collection: It includes one or two cousins, sorry for this.      

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My VFC AK74M but now AK103 Style:



Izhmash AK103 Muzzle isn't on the picture yet.


I didn't liked the plastic stock set.


This model is only available from VFC. That' why I bought it :-)





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I was just browsing some real steel ak parts today and found this pretty cool veteran ak wood kit set on Apexgunparts. I thought it was too cool to pass up posting here. https://www.apexgunparts.com/product_info.php/products_id/2034 These would look pretty epic on a ak project gun. Especially since they likely saw some real combat.

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Mine came quick! Only got pics of two of them because the third was totally covered in cosmoline and I didn't feel like taking it out of the bag.





Not sure what I'm going to do with these yet, I may need to build a new AK for them! Maybe a real one.










Yes, that's Bugs and Penelope Le Pew.

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nice, the wood kits are awesome sigma. I wish I had a bit more money, I would get myself a set as well. I'm thinking I would probably get a cyma akm or something and strip the paint and use some bluing chemical along with the wood kit.. It would look awesome for sure.


btw, the galil doesn't look half bad. I'm kind of a purist, but the rails seem to fit well.

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If anyone in this thread knows of a source for a steel AKM clone (DBoys/Kalash preferably), I'd be very much obliged if you'd mention it. Trying to find something to put that furniture on.




there is one for sale on ebay, its a cyma though



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Thanks Snigel. I've picked up a VFC AKMS with a wonky stock latch (previous owner lost the locking pins) and was worried that the mags wouldn't play nicely. Just need to figure out how to address the missing parts or figure out a way to use a LCT AIMS receiver as I prefer that stock.



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That does look nice WhiteHawk and I would never have thought to attach a light like that.


It's a standard russian issue mount :P Cable ties and gaffa tape, only I was out of anything but hot pink gaffa tape, so xcableties it was. I saw it used by a solider in iraq to a Galatz looking thing.


Do Galil pics go here now?


Well they ARE derivatives AK47 -> Vz56. -> Galil

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