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Still not understanding the logic behind making the compact model first. Disappointing I'll have to wait for the full size when I could have given VFC my money sooner. Lol!
maybe Taiwan's national police agency uses m&p9c?


//sorry for odd autocorrect words by my phone//



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Full automode? maybe they reverse engineered WE flaws and made them into "features"... :lol:

;) Very Good.


Anyhow a real Airsoft M&P, fully trademarked that hopefully works, sorry WE.


Can't wait for the fullsize, will probably treat myself to a compact while I'm waiting :)

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I must admit, I'm a sucker for trade marks. I'd rather have this than the WE version. Also, I do like the we version with the purple lower frame. Or is that a different pistol (they all look-a-like).

I like how my blue one looks....... lets me claim that I'm doing "proper" "real deal simulation with blue framed pellet gun" while skirmishing :D

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Funny you say that, since I shot a WE at 2°c last Saturday.

And it shot the mag completely empty.

They fire great, there's no problem there, it's the amount of faulty units that were released that I have the problem with.


Hop-up wheel not moving due to bad mould apparently, burst-firing even after sear filed as recommended by WE,

hammer not cocking/resetting due to actuator making bad contact etc.


But it does pack a punch when it does fire, feels great in the hand.

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More info here:

Apparently its an actual switch go go full auto not just broken.


Also the G&P car15s are not suitable for BHD, (dunno why he said that...) and they're not even very good for 'nam cos they switched to the XM177s almost immediately.

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