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Tokyo Marui M870 Tactical Gas Tri-shot Shotgun- picture, text and video review

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Would some be so kind to measure the distance between the two boy pins, the ones located above the rigger guard?


I want to buy a side Shell holder for my newly arrived PPS 870 (Tanaka clone) and for now I would wantto go with the saddle made for the Marui M870, as the RS one is a bit expensive for a piece of metal, IMO.




If someone could somehow measure center hole to center hole (since they have different diameters), that would be great.

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Afternoon guys.   This morning I was very lucky to receive my brand spanking new Tokyo Marui Remington M870 Tactical, from the good folks over at Redwolf UK.   This is a text/ video review for now

Chopped the barrel and added an ATI heat shield- quite happy with the result!          

TM issues a product recall?   In other news, pigs spotted flying over Hampshire, Peter Mandelson is a force for good, David Cameron gets on his bike, Nick Clegg tells the truth and the Ministry of D

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So after more than 1 year in storage, I took out my 870 tactical today and noticed that my gas reservoir bloated to the point where it's difficult to remove from the stock. Damn shame as I only use 134a gas. Any fix for this? Not too keen on buying a new gas tank, unless Marui or someone tweaked the original design.

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Well I looked at the nozzle and hops and all is 100%. I used core(local maker of bbs, small of than norm) madbull and elite force. Mb and EF performed slightly better but its not feeding. I will replace the transfer bar but nothing seems odd or worn or broken at all.


Worst part is I have people telling me I can't fix it myself. If the bar and lots of lube don't fix it I will trade it for a cam 870

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Hello guys, i'm on the way to buy this shotgun but the owner tells me that the gun have some missfeed issues, i have read some post about that, but I couldn't find them again. So I wanted to know if you have already see this kind of the problem's and what's their origine ? Many thanks for the answer ;) Sorry for my poor english level I'm french...

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Thank's for reply @Alias1983 !


I have fix my missfeed issues but now I've got a problem to reassembling the gun, when I'm puting back the hanguard, the pump's arms are catch by a little silver hook and I can't push the handguard/pump to is initial position on the magazine tube. Anyone knows how to fix this thing ? 


The piece who's catching the arms each time, is the little silver piece, wich is screwed on the body by a black screw, on this photo :





I hope you have understood my question, that's diffcult for a frenchie ! 


Many thanks 

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My tm m870 and ics m1 garand feed ok with guarder 0.28s most of the time but seem to jam up every so often but G&G 0.28s seem to be better and feed without issue.


Saying that I have a tm 870 I bought from pro airsoft supplies which jammed up completely, the pump was stuck half way, sent it back and they replaced part number 870T-36 with a steel replacement and then stated it still wasn`t working so they had to use other parts from broken model to replace other parts which were damaged but since I got it back it never worked, it will not feed right at all no matter what bbs I use.  Most of the time with a fully loaded shell it will not rack as the pump jams so I have to eject the shell the rack the pump to clear the bbs and try again until it pumps freely but even then it still only loads bbs half of the time and dryfires the other half randomly.  At this point I just gave up on it and am keeping it for parts as I have another m870 and a breacher which I have had no issues with apart from the breacher completely destroying the valve oring on green gas.


I did notice that some of the parts seem to be designed slightly different between my m870`s so tm may have changed the design of a few of the parts between batches and some of the parts maybe just don`t work well together or the steel 870t-36 part is slightly thicker than the orginal so it could be that but rather than replacing all these parts with more expensive aftermarket parts and hoping that fixes the problem it would cheaper to just buy a new m870.

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