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Lets see your gun rooms.

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Just a few guns hanging on the wall along with my gear, but I thought it was appropriate ^_^



I've found that .50 caliber shells are a nice decoration for any room in the house.




By the way, those are fake bullet holes drawn with a sharpie...hehe it's kind of a funny story but let's just say I wasn't the one who did it.

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holy jesus, jebus


Like he said - wow


I've been putting some storage together for mine




and I am (was) quite pleased with the result. Now I realise I don't need more guns I need a bigger house first :D


Nice to see everyones ideas though not just the big collections. I put off getting the power tools out for ages working out how I was going to do it and I'm still browsing for some ideas. So thanks for sharing chaps.





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Kliskey - The shotgun's a 6mm Marushin M500. I bought it 2nd hand because I saw the wood and thought Ahhh..... nice Plus it works like a shotgun with 5 flying hornets of white plastic death (overactive imagination on my part :rolleyes: ) each pull of the trigger. It makes a realy nice Ker-Klack noise when you rack it and no shells to pick up.


When I got it it had a couple of minor issues, the biggest being that at some point it looked like it had been quickly varnished it and it was showing it's age. A bit of rubbing down and a few coats of oil and it looks nice - I think.


Hopefully no-one minds a pic of an individual gun.



Still want to do some cosmetic bits but thanks have to go to rizzini7 for his advice that got me this far.



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