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Best deal I have found yet.




$95 shipped from across the country... Issue, Used, Pointblank manufacturer. Comes will all add-ons (Groin Protector, Neck protector, etc.)


You have to phone in your order but the guys there are great. The customer satisfaction is great as well. He even said that if you get one that has any marks, tears, or rips, you can send it back!


I love mine :D



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master_titled what brand buttstock is that on your SAW and where did you get it. That is the buttstock I have been looking for since I got back from Iraq the last tome and saw them on the Army and USMC Saw's.

It's a custom made stock made from my blood, sweat and tears... It was made from a CA M4 stock, CA M249 full stock, CA M249 Para stock and lots of bondo and JB weld.


You can however purchase the actual replica by G&P from WGC Shop, which was just released apparently.

I'd pick one up myself, but my custom stock would be made in vain. -_-

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My "Real World" Rig:








Kit List:


Blackhawk Enhanced Commando Recon Chest Harness

2 x Blackhawk Nalgene/GP Uprights

1 x Blackhawk Large Upright GP

1 x Double M4 Mag Pouch

1 x Spec Ops MBITR

1 x Blackhawk Double Frag

1 x Spec Ops Light/Gerber Pouch

1 x Pop Flare/ Star Cluster Pouch, Inverted


SDS Interceptor Body Armor

Level III SAPI's

Soft Armor



Norotos Swingarm




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