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Pictures Of Your Weapon

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Very nice Kousnik.


My Glocks :)








KWA G17, G&P metal slide and barrel, Guarder enhanced recoil spring and rod and SD reinforced feed ramp.


KWA G26, old style metal slide and barrel (with engraved trades and not white ones) and enhanced recoil spring.


G26 arrived this morning :D

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Thanks Ban, the stock is great, really solid and the foam cheek rest is really comfy to rest on! :P


I heard SRC's are horrible, but I like the fact that they are full metal. By the way how heavy is the real M4's because I heard that the SRC's are about 20 pounds!!!



They are cheap, but I wouldnt say they are horrible. Although I have only upgraded it externally (stock, outer barrel, inner barrel, silencer).


Mine has yet to break, but apparently it did arrive at airsoft armoury broken. They used it as a display model and offered it to me for a knock off price when they got it back from the engineers :)


They aren't all full-metal, mine has a plastic receiver. But that was fine because I'm getting a guarder metal one for it.


I'm happy with it, considering everything in the picture cost a total of £100 :D


My SRC weighs more than my mates M15 Carbine, but that may be to do with the extra stuff i've put on it, dunno about 20 pounds...




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