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Pictures Of Your Weapon

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Update on the "MP-36"




My mate ended up taking off the top rail since it proved to be too hard to reliably keep on straight. As for the stock, he managed to break it on a plant during a game. (don't ask, don't know how he managed to do that)


And today he got his KJW P226, first thing he does with it is put on a USP match barrel weight....







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Dont encourage him Donnie, he doesnt need to be :lol:


Nice looking m15 you have there skyler8158, non ris mounted 203's are the only way to go imo.


Agreed, I can't stand the RIS versions.


Here's a quick write up and some more pics of mine from another thread:


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My new Tokyo Marui M4a1 v2, OD magpuls, and TM M16/M4 standards. Also shown it my Tokyo Marui Hi-capa 5.1 w/ extra magazine (TM of course). HERE are some more pictures of my TM m4. When I upload the rest of the pictures I took I will post my photobucket account in my signature.





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Finally was able to get the camera working so I took these


old Gen 1 CA M15A4, freshly cleaned up and still fires great. :D It has a Hurricane carrying handle with a King Arms red dot.




well I had some multicam fabric laying around and decided to do something nutty, sniped off a strip and wrapped up the CA, yea it looks goofy, but I wonder if it work this way rather than painting the weapon?



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