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Armalite Picture Thread

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What kind of range is the LRB getting you?


At the moment, none. The gun is not very happy. And since it's been like that since the LRB was put in, I couldn't tell you. They have the potential to hit 100 yards accurately at 380fps, or so I've heard. I hope mine gets that range once I finish tweaking it.

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What metal body is that? G&P or Guarder from the receiver gap, by the looks... Custom engravings? VERY NICE!



Sorry i missed your post earlier. The metal body is a D Boys metal body from Ebaybanned.com





Looks and feels nice. PITA to fit, Oddly enough i had trouble getting the upper onto the gearbox, which is also a new DBoys.



Over all though i am more than pleased. :)

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hey guys, got a quick question here. i'm hoping to buy a real steel flash hider for my m4 (VLTOR), and was wondering if it'll fit onto a regular anticlockwise m4 barrel no problemo? i don't want to take a $60 dip and find out it isn't gonna screw on, so if anyone has some expertise on this, please give a shout!

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I was going after the 7" Diplomat,but wanted it to keep it more of a modern version of it...hope you like it... :bye1:














DyTac MUR1 Vltor Upper receiver

Kingarms Battle flipup sights

Kingarms 7" MRF-M Freefloat Handguard

Kingarms Railpanels

Kingarms Wide Triggerguard

Madbull Charginghandle

G&P TD Battlegrip

G&P Frontgrip (Will change that for a stubbygrip)

G&P Noveske N4 Lower Receiver

G&P HK 416 Stock

Proud Noveske KFH

HurricanE 552 (Maybe a 551 or 553 will follow)

Madbull Outerbarrel 160mm




Deepfire GB V2

Kingarms 6mm Bushings

Prometheus TU Gears

Prometheus EG Hardpiston

Prometheus POM Pistonhead with Bearings und Custom O-Ring

PDI 170%

SystemA Switchassy

Mosfet 3703 with big cooling body

9,6V 3300mAh largetype Batt

Guarder Cylinderhead

Deepfire Nozzle

G&P Hopup Unit with Guarder sleeve (Black)

Deepfire Bearing Spring guide

G&P M160 Motor

Guarder Tappetplate

Prometheus Cylinder

Innerbarrel 180mm


Gives me 26rps

Compression is very good and puts over 4xx fps with 0,20gr on the scale,wich is not bad for a such shortbarreled gun.



DyTac upper was a breeze to put on-I must be lucky after reading some negative posts about fitting the pins and such...

Only had to mess a little with the KA Freefloat.

Had to take off some material on the clamp(No big deal) and at first,to figure out how to get that darn lower rail off and back on... :D








Cali Swangin

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So frikkin close to being done.


I present to you, CASV-SD-BE (Bizurkur Edition)

IN advance, please forgive the crappy indoor lighting... I didn't get to play with them until dark :P





Madbull 7" barrel

Dboy Casv

Madbull Halo Silencer

ACM CTR stock

KA aimpoint


I have some MP7 sights too, but they are chocolate covered ######... stupid TSD. dots are off center, it's gray not black, etc etc...

maybe once I give them a coat of black Ill stick em on, in the meantime, idk what Ill do for ironsights.

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I will be posting pics of my finish Noveske diplomat real soon just waiting for the last part to arrive from the states and it will be finished to my satisfaction. Like your interpreation of the diplomat there CALI, its all about the personal little touches while still recreating a real world piece.

CAlI, you gotta love those 7" King Arms free float front end (Troy MRF-C replicas) Althought the 7" free float Larue copy by Elemnt is not bad at all. B)

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