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I've heard rumours that there is some dude that is suppose to make "copies" of the AK5 handguard but I don't know about the D verision and I think I will be a while it those gets released

as for the stock, there isn't much of a difference, but you might refer to the new plastic and fold able stock

Are you talking abotu the AK5DF grips(liek the normal ak5 but shorter) or the AK5MKIII grips? (shorter version of AK5c's rails).

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not quite sure on that one Lone Bullet. I was lucky enough to snap this shot at work when I was talking to one of the guys in the armoury. Got to play with it a bit and gotta say..i never liked the scar until i played with this baby, and now I'm considering buying one in the future.

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Well I sold the WA today. So I had 450 dollar begging to be used..... First thought that popped into my head was "VFC". PDW- Meh, to small for me and I don't like the PEQ on the side of it. Scar-L- Had a CA one and liked it alot but I wanted something atleast a bit different and higher quality. Scar-H- VFC- Brilliant..... So I set out to Nashville Airsoft, held it, loved it, bought it.


So now I have two VFC's. One Scar-H and one 416. Need a PDW and an AK now......




And yes- My camera skills still suck so your going to have to live with it










My favorite:



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Thanks guys- Actually if VFC releases their ELGM and it's fairly priced sometime soon and it doesn't screw with the weight distribution (It's really near perfect with the battery and magazine loaded up) to much then I will consider it. My friend actually got a hell of a deal for a VFC Scar-L, it is my inspiration to get one now and complete my Scar collection. Probably going to be my next gun, I am just loving this one. Got a TD vert. grip, G&P M160 motor, deans connectors, re-shimmed and re-lubed the gearbox plus the addition of an H-nub and it is really just humming along now with awesome range and accuracy for a stock gun- I am really impressed with the ROF with the M160 and deans. Great buy as per usual with VFC, most definetly one of my favorite companies overall in airsoft.


Suggestions for optics will be welcomed: I still can't make up my mind about one! I am leaning more towards a 4x32 ACOG replica with a doctor sight ontop, anyone have anything else to input about that?

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I have an EBB M16 scope on mines. Looks pretty cool and has 3 to 10 adjustable zoom. Although I would go for an ACOG if I had the chance, and the money to get one. I was even thinking about a SUSAT, for some reason I think it would look really nice.


I think it looks pretty sweet...


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Ok it's going to be 2 weeks 'til I get the TangoDown rail covers, so I might well ###### her out now. Rail covers will tidy up the front end some (both side rails and underneath will be covered). Last thing to add will probably be a VFC PEQ-15 whenever they come out.


I actually wasn't fully sold on the SCAR until I started getting all the bits together, but now I think it's far superior to any AR-15 system I've owned.


Under flash it still has the ugly mega-b*stard bling-bling receiver. It really looks nice under natural light.





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I'd usually be the same, but the performance of this thing more than makes up for it ;)


List of parts, for what it's worth:

- G&G SCAR-L, Tan, 10.5" CQC Barrel

- Hurricane EOTech 553, FDE, battery cover painted, replica laser sticker made

- TangoDown Stubby QD Foregrip, FDE

- Blue Force Gear V-CAS Sling, Tan

- Element(?) AAC SCAR-SD Suppressor


Still to come:

- TangoDown Rail Covers, FDE

- VFC PEQ-15, FDE (whenever that comes out)


Rail covers will be fitted in 2 weeks so I'll pics of it then (and in use, hopefully)...

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