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FN Picture Thread

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i've just got the star M249 para and that is good enough, but yours must be evil. :rocket:


tbh, its showing its signs of use. 400k + rounds later, on the original stock internals still, and ive lost 60 fps, down from about 330, and the hop is shagged. hence the new spring and tightbore barrel. cant say im surprised, but its given me an excuse to get the upgrade done a bit sooner.

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Swedish version of the FNC, called AK5. Haven't finished painting them yet. The top one is Star-based whereas the bottom one is Asahi-based.



Two Asahis. The green one is also in the picture above.



The same ol' green Asahi and a CA249 with a Guarder FNC-flashhider and a few RS-bullets.

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okay first of all i really love this thread :D

but since we are posting stuff about FN i thought this would be good news to some people (bad news to the people who had hoped on being able to buy the VFC FNC in Q1 of this year..)


i've just received an e-mail from VFC..


Dear ****,


Thanks very much for your email again. Sorry about late reply.


Because VFC FNC is plan to release around September, before the actual release we couldn’t tell how much that would be. Wish you could understand it.


VFC FNC is early type, folding stock and with both 18 and 16 inch barrel. For more details you could refer our website for more update.


Thanks very much again for supporting VFC products.


Best Regards,


Joy Chang

Vega Force International Co., Ltd./ GB-TECH

Tel: 886-2-2287-9427


Website: www.gb-tech.com.tw

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King Arms FN FAL Tactical Carbine

King Arms FN FAL RAS (Short)

King Arms FN FAL 90 Rnd Magazine X 9 - Only 8 Pictured

Magpul 7.62 - Black X 8

Classic Arm RIS Fore Girp

In Post - King Arms FN FAL Scope Mount

Awaiting Arrival of above - G&P Red Dot Scope



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KA FAL Regular Length

RS Tapco Stanag to picatinny scope mount (I can use my iron sights still)

RS StG 58 Bipod

Leapers red/green dot scope (friend gave it to me)


Also have an L1A1 sling for it.


Planning to get some gigantic 50mm object lens scope for it, but no money right now.


Still waitin' for hi caps...

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