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@ Laleme: I think its quite nice ,nice recoil , nice finish and the range is also good so what want i more :D But it takes much gas thats the only downer .


BTW i am left handed thats why the Foregrip an the charging handle are on the other hand


Haha that's cool too :D


Though I find my charging handle on the right side when I'm right handed 0_0. Somehow I actually LIKE reaching over and charging the bolt XD.

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Lol Puding, flip the rear sight reversed so you can do MW2 fail XD


i find it funny its also switched around in the main menu splash screen photo for multiplayer, go figure, anyway the small red dot was from an acog, up until know it was just there for looks, took about an hour to find where i had stashed the mounts to use it on it own, its actually rather practical


anyway question for you guys, im looking for mid caps for a vfc scar tan need to find the best colout fit to in mid caps to go with this aeg, wonder if anyone has any experience or advice?

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we dont use FN-made M16's, we use colt.


But that is not the case of what you use or do not use.

Its about weapons produced by FN, so (again) IF his weapon has indeed FN markings, i see no problem of him posting those here. If it does not, then it IS in the wrong thread.


Simple as that.



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What is an M16 doing in a FN thread? epic fail.


The M16A4 is made by the US FN subsidiary so is a FN weapon, it also has FN stamped on the reciever in big letters.


It is a KALASH/D boys.


Better picture of the trades




A link to the real steel







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