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Airsofters and cats

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me and my dog regurlaly go on anti cat-terror operations basically he chases them up a tree i go up and grab the *fruitcage* take it back to the owner and have "words" tbh i don't like cats


What the hell are you on about, you have words because your hatred of cats makes you send your dog after them? What you wrote makes no sense.



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The topic isnt about shooting cats, its about owning them.


Anyway, here's one of Koal, sleeping on "old faithful"





That cat has some seriously great taste! The only gun my dog can do with is the M14 and even that because he thinks it's a stake to fetch. <_<

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I have 5.5. The one is fat and counts as half another cat. 2 are 15 and the rest are much younger. Here's my newest. Named him Ronin cause he had owners before me and has some wierd cuts in his years. His claws are also way sharper then normal so that's how he got his name.




"What's crackin."

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We could get a whole "Stuff on my cat" concept going here, much like the website - Airsoft stuff on Cats.


I have one cat, so continuing the trend.


It would be soooo great if someone custom made a molle plate carrier that fit a cat! It would need to have velcro on the top for pouches and molle on the sides.


I have 3 cats. Where did they come from? :D

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Here's one of mine, Milly, being an attention seeker, while i go through my latest order. Her sister was off keeping herself occupied thank god, normally i have two to contend with LOL





Is everything there youre "latest order"??


If so.......what times of the day are you out?





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I had 6, three died last month, two have moved next door since we got two dogs, and the other one just sleeps, whines attacks the dogs, see pic below shes about 16 now


dont shoot cats its too easy, the trick is to pick one up on your lap, firmly with one hand under the chest with your fingers locking its font legs together, the other hand controls the head and shoulders, scizzor your body and squeeeze like a bagpipe, sometimes they make tunes :) if not then bite on the ear gently then more firmly until it cries/mews, once you have done this then let it go, only then have you OWNED a cat in all true meanings of owning a cat


this one knows all about it - or its looking shifty about laying a turd in some secret place




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