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Post pics of your Belt Kits

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Now it has just a small molle panel for the open top pouches. For next step I'll remove all of the pouches, and I'll make a full custom molle base for them.


OOPS... as I see I forgot to insert the headset plug, and fix most of the magazines...

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Finally got my 1st line/belt kit in a stable setup. From left to right:   Emdom-MM CM Belt AustriAlpin Cobra Buckle HSGI Double Decker Taco (x2) TT Grenade Pouch TT Dump Pouch Leatherman MUT P

Thread resurrection ? My current belt kit is a bit of a mixed bag. Emerson clone belt- Left to right ESSTAC KYWI 2+1 Osprey Sharpshooter pouch Osprey AP pouch (modified) BFG Medium utility Ospre

Still trying to figure out a way how to set up my belt.  

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Still very much a WIP. Need to get a proper holster and a few other little things.


Belt pic that's right above me

What AK pouches are those? They look pretty nifty!


If you can find a kydex holster that'd fit in that loop in the belt, that'd be the (.)(.)s.

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Some kind of pad on your belt there AH?  Looks like an excellent setup and I've got the very same belt.




Emdom makes it actually. I found it starting to dig into my hips when I ran it as tight as I prefer to so the pads really helped.



Here it is updated:


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Early Tacticool Santa was kind to me - kit list -


HSGI Double Decker Taco

HSGI X2R Taco Pouch

Tactical Tailor Double SMG pouch - Holding 2 1911 Extended Mags

Tactical Tailor Vertical Utility pouch

Blackhawk! Serpa - 1911 Commander Style


All maliced onto a Viper Security Belt.

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I'm trying to find a southpaw holster for my TM G17 with TLR-1, but I might just have to get a kydex press and make one...and start selling them for all the other lefties out there. And they don't make a lefty CGC, which sucks.


Drop these guys an e-mail: http://otghex.com/


They already do gun + light holsters for both sides and if you ask they'll produce them for airsoft spec Glocks.

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Left hand, Glock 21 with TLR1 holster.


Before my friend started making holsters they were my goto. Way more affordable then most companies. Faster turn around too. Had like 4 different models, never an issue.

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Auld Skool hey


It's a mix of Soviet & NATO stuff,mainly bought at bazaars when I was on my annual holiday in Ukraine,because I'm a cheap *bramston pickle*. No ACM repro here.


US ALICE Y Harness


Soviet Canteen

Soviet made leather holster-Not sure if military issue

British Pat58 pouch-My main utility pouch.



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That belt look kinda tiny, won't those mags spear your gut when you sit down?.


It's the same width/height as pretty much every other PALS warbelt on the market.  I've skirmished this setup already and no, no mag-jabbing-in-the-stomach issues at all.  The pistol mags obviously don't protrude very much and the rifle mag is positioned at the 9 o/clock on my hip so no problems there.

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My current belt kit








Loaded up for the last woodland skirmish 2013, 




5x M14 mids,


TM MK23 + spare mag and silencer


Airsoft modified L85 combitool


Cleaning rod (net curtain wire)


Tape, screwdriver (Stanley Pen style) Torch (Gerber Recon) Tiny Pocket knife.


Speedloader/bb bag combo


Energy gels


IFAK/ Foil blanket / field dressing,


(Also inc. but not in photo "Ammo pouch" flask of coffee and 750 ml bottle of water) 



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