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G36 Picture Thread

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Thank you J-Rock :)


And TheChom, I brought the Rail and Sight from CA, it's a clone of the KA G36 flip up rail sight.

Let me just fetch the image for you.


Found it:


Cheers mate.


now I have to choose between that and eating....




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hi guys i need some help! i cant find my Marui g36c manual & i need the part number for the fire selector cams (the parts the fire selector switches attatch to! please can you help! PM me if it would help!


Slightly more useful answer :lol:


It's sold as a complete set of the two cams and the roller gear. Part numbers GC-29/30/31. Fire support stock them, but only have one set in:




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Apologies for the picture quality, and the intrinsic blasphemy.

Behold, the G36-SAW (actually a very useful skirmishing set up, if one does not care about silly things like real-steel equivalence)



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You want something low profile.. Not a micro aimpoint or a doctor sight, and not a holosight so...


Get an open reflex sight? Like the one that Hurmekyna has on his/her g36 a couple posts above. Otherwise, just stick with the built in optics, and use the iron sights at close ranges.

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