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H&K Picture Thread

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Close your eyes children, the demon shall pass.


Meanwhile i eases your pain, with 417 and EGLM



I cant tell whether i liked the prototype with the g3 magazines or the final with the polymer ones more

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While we await the arrival of the HK417 in AEG-form, I'd like to post up some new and updated pics of my G36-thing... Got the last parts today (stock, iron-sights, body-pins) :)












CA36 with shortened outer-barrel and K-style flash-hider

Rails DIY-mounted through the hand-guard bottom airvents

Swiss Arms Laser/light module


Star flat-top rail

MP7 Iron-sights (hi-jacked from a Well MP7, pretty neat stuff actually, all metal)

King Arms Red-dot with QD ring-mount

CA36 body with Army Code body-pins


G&P KV-style Sniper-stock with cheek-rest


Now to get a new motor, my pinion-gear has come loose, and I need a new one anyway...

Silencer may be added at some later point...


Best Regards :)

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