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2011 Picture Thread

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AFAIK, the changes they've made for Hi-Capa Extreme was a new BBU(with a modified reset groove), and a short stroke recoil spring buffer. So I think it should be ok if you were to use a FA frame for 4.3 and just keep the recoil spring guide setup and the BBU.....


if you want to be safe though I think you should just use the PGC(I think?) Extreme slide....

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I just did some quick research and figured out what TM did. Racing Maniac is correct.

There are a couple differences. The BBU (or Breech..whatever you want to call it) has an open ended groove for the disconnector side. That is actually all that makes it full auto. The groove for the valve knocker locker side is shortened, this is to make it more gas efficient, but also reduces recoil/blowback. They used a short stroke buffer spring for faster cycling. This also prevents the slide from locking back. This can be removed for slide lock engagement. They also have installed a little screw into the frame directly behind the slide lock/catch. I am honestly not sure why or what it really does.


Since researching it, I decided to make my own full auto BBU out of a spare I have. I will post a video on youtube tomorrow.


So, to answer your question, yes it is the same as swapping any parts from a 4.3-5.1 as I previously described. The only main difference for full auto is the BBU. The rest is "tuning".

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Since researching it, I decided to make my own full auto BBU out of a spare I have. I will post a video on youtube tomorrow.


I was just going to ask if this would work. Be fun if it did, I'd definitely use one of my spares to make one if it did.


Remind me to ad the vid to Back to Basics when you get around to it.

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Those are Limited Edition NineBall parts.

Nine Ball (plastic) slide.

Nine Ball Aluminum Fluted Outer Barrel (with very tight inner barrel holder and grub screws)

Nine Ball Aluminum "Lightened" Guide Plug

I also have a NineBall (plastic) Ultra light BBU/Breech which only weighs 5 grams.


They are not readily available.

I'd have to double check, but I believe:

the BBU, Guide Plug and Outer Barrel can be found on DenTrinity's website (but the barrel is only available in black)

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Accidentally posted this in the 1911 thread, since as far as I could figure all the infinities and hicappas and whatever were just mutated versions of the 1911. I guess 2011 makes sense :)


I got this WE Hicappa Dragon as a gift from a friend for helping them out- that's why it's engraved and stuff :)






I use the C02 magazines

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I just bought my first GBB pistol last month on eBay for 90 USD with shipping and it's a Marui Hi capa 5.1. It looks pretty legit. I haven't had time to fully examine it because finals week is coming up. I was home for the weekend and I took some picture of it because I love it. Too bad I didn't have time to pick up some Green Gas for it yet.











The Original Owner said it was lightly used. He also said he put a custom grip and also a new stainless steel outer barrel. It didn't matter to me because I'm going to be working on this gun and I figured: if I'm going to be working on a GBB for the first time, I rather do it on a used one so I don't mess up big time and regret it.


I was thinking of getting a metal slide (Infinity Dual Tone), keeping the lower reciever and grip (it's pretty nice grip too, I remembered how my friend's stock Marui 5.1 felt cheap and plastic, this one is different), get a tightbore and spring. Any suggestions would be nice :)


I can't wait until summer comes around when I have a lot more time to start playing with the internals and customizing it.

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Shidarin - The Dragon looks good. It does look like the slide and frame have been refinished. I think your lettering is painted or etched on. It doesn't look deep enough to be engraving.


Adudeinblue - Your used Hi-Capa looks like a nice find for a great price. Just FYI...The grip has not been replaced, it is still a stock grip. The previous owner stippled (re-texturing using a soldering iron or other form) the grip. Have fun building and shooting.

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adudeinblue - Welcome to Hi-Capa's. I see the start of an expensive yet rewarding addiction.


I concur with the4thpower, the stock grip has just been stippled. That being said stock TM grips are great quality and itf it feels nice now your probably good to go.


$90 is not bad for a start. I picked up my last Hi-capa for $90 (see the SCS in my sig). If you want some ideas about upgrading check out this site (my baby) GBB Vault



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