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2011 Picture Thread

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Nova kits

My first ever 2011, Nova kit

Zombie member post...Nova Staccato XC RMR kit Never mind the mismatched branding grip....there was a dead gun that donated its parts to it....see build thread in the tech section lol

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Nice gun Wolf, but I would love to see the grip and the slide/frame kit in their "proper" builds respectively.

Seeing them on same gun makes me little bit sad, given the S in SVI and STI is the same guy and Infinity and 2011 are pretty much same gun.








Oh wait, are you giving yourself excuses to build TWO more guns? :P

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I've had the slide kit for a year or so.

I was waiting to buy a grip.

This grip stays.. Will see if I can find a different magwell.


I have issues importing stuff.. This was my last Hi Capa I had .. I have a TM MEU sitting, I'm saving that for the upcoming Nova Wilson Protector.




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Hello everyone,

This is my Limcat Custom Hi-Capa 5.1 i finished building a few days ago.

The Parts i have fitted so far are:
- UAC Scullptor Grips (grey)
- Unique Custom Made Limcat Designed Grip Tape
- ADEPOT Custom CNC Aluminium Adjustable Trigger
- Airsoft Masterpiece CNC Aluminium Limcat Customs Slide
- UAC Stainless Steel Fixed Outer Barrel (.45acp)
- UAC Ultra Bright Fiber Optic Front Sight
- OPS M.R.P UAC Hybrid Rear Sight
- Guarder Steel Recoil Spring Guide Rod
- AIP CNC Aluminium Hammer Protection Pad
- AIP 120% Enhanced Recoil And Hammer Spring Set
- Elite Custom 6.02 Stainless Steel Tight Bore Inner Barrel
- Elite Custom Magazine Gas Router
- Elite Custom Enhanced Loading Nozzle
- UAC Uprated 120% Loading Nozzle Spring
- TM Hop Rubber
- TM Gold Match Smooth Faced Aluminium Grip Safety
- TM Aluminium Standard 5.1 Black Slide Catch
- TM Aluminium Standard 5.1 Black Ambidextrous Thumb Safety
- 5KU Aluminium Adjustable Magazine Release
- SAPH Silver Aluminium Limcat Magazine Base Plate
- Gunsmith Bros Black CNC Aluminium Limcat Mag Well









I am very happy with how the gun has turned out, it looks awesome.
I Will hopefully put it through its passes a bit at the weekend. :)

Happy Shooting All. :down2:
ATB, Marc..

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Hi Capa's



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Love the stainless steel, but since I'm doing my own build: do you like these plastic grips? I think they feel very toylike and don't match the quality of the metal parts. I'm torn there, since the alu grips are hella expensive!

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They're eh. Had some issue with the trigger bar being slightly too wide at the back, also it doesn't fit 100% flush with the lower frame even though both are made by SD.

Can't justify metal grips though lol, so plastic works for me.

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