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I suppose this could go here..


Took it from a plain ASG/KWA M9 and added on all the trades that will need to be engraved to make it into the South African Vektor Z88

Took ages as there are no clear high res pictures of Z88s so most of it was done from scratch


Here's a real Z88 for comparison:



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"9mm P" should be in italics as well and i think that whole inscription should be moved slightly to the right ;)

nice job though


Yea I think the P should be italiced looking at it again.. the hardest part is trying to find the right font/ The Z was made from scratch




cool man, the logo on the grip is really nicely done. did you grind off the old and and then re-engrave it somehow?


Its not actually engraved.. its all been photoshopped to where it would need to be. But yes the plan is to grind the area down. The M( I am getting has no trades on it so should be easy enough to do

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Very nice pictures, any chance of some details r.e. your lighting setup?  Or is it mainly editing?

Thanks for the praise mate :)


I just used a flash gun mounted on my Canon 500D, have it bounce the light off the ceiling and back down again. I actually took this photo on the floor :P That black background is actually the door for the hallway lol.

Afterwards, I tuned the image in PS a bit, did some de-saturation and sharpening. 


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