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Pictures of your weapon

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The odds are the weapon in that video wasn't an M468, just becuase of the newness of the 468, and the fact that it is supposedly a blackwater sniper (Blackwater issues semi-only Bushmasters).


Hmm, you've got me intriqued, I want to go back and count how many shots he fires from each mag...

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This one:



It definately not an M468 because one guys asks if anyone needs ammo and the shooter says something like 'I'm ok'. They are using 5.56mm.


I would say it is a standard M4 with an ARMS SIR, scope and full stock. Not the ideal sniper rifle!

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The weapon in question.


And a quote from the shooter.


"the rifle I was using was basically a modified SAM-R Counter Sniper rifle HBAR is always better for that type of system. everyone else had 11.5 or 14.5 in barrels

we had 6 SAWs there, not including the ones the marines had there allready (I think 2)all of us little bird gunners carried SAW's so when we got there we had those up and running fast...you can hear them in the video.

as far as I remember we had:

6-8 SAWs

all M4's and Glock17's

1 CS rifle SAM-Rmod)

1 broke *albatross* PKM

2 Romaks

4 AT4s

and a *beep* load of Frags...which im glad we didnt have to use!"

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The gentleman in the video, Travis, posted a couple of his pictures, as well as an overview of events over at AR15.com a while back. He used the alias "SIMPLYDYNAMIC"...you may recognize it from some of the Blackwater videos floating around.


Some info: http://www.snipershide.com/cgi-bin/ubbcgi/...ic;f=1;t=007663




- Derek

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Thanks evilhippy. The light is actually a cheap (10$ airsoftatlanta.com) copy of the m3 light, like I said, poor college student. It's not the brightest, but it gets the job done and looks pretty good on the spetz i think. The mag is the Stealh AK Hi-cap Waffle mag (30$ airsoftatlanta.com) and it is produced by TSDtactical.

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