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Pics of your Gear

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Can I have a Green Card? Please?

I've got all the gear a man needs, a damn fine suit, waistcoat and tie xDDD -  

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Had a leg panel once, being only 5ft 7" it didn't work very well for me, now I just run a belt rig. Got to say though it is the best thing I have ever bought.


I'm 5'10" and it works really well for me, I do have it as high up as posible though, it basically sits on your hip rather than your thigh. I run it with a rigger belt with a 1911 in a serpa and a multitool on the other side.

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I just chucked some gear up on my bed to take a picture to use as a thumbnail for a YouTube video, and (much to my surprise) I think it came out rather nicely:




Just wish I knew a way to post up the full 12 MP image or at least a link to it, because the detail in the original picture is just on a whole different level to the one the forum displays.

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First bits arrived today for my jtf-2 kit.




Will be replacing the fabric maple with an IR, and losing the callsign entirely.


A coyote 6094b would be more accurate than my MC 6094b I think and would go with aridpat pouches better so will be swapping that out.


If anyone's got some tan genuine CP gen 2/3 combat pants in 34l they want to trade for the same in multicam, please drop me a shout :)

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Got bored. Had krylon and a plain khaki top I never use anymore.



Brilliant! That looks awesome. I wish I had something like that just sitting around... :)



Here's my new SAW. It's heavier than my M4, but I haven't had anyone not call their hits lately...


(Disclaimer: Trained operator under the supervision of other professionals. Don't try this at home!)




Are those BB's on the chain instead of blades? ;)

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Pardon the absolutely atrocious webcam pics (and my ever present unintentional trout pout), hoping to get some better snaps of the gear on sunday.


JTF gear taking shape.




War face :P




Still to add: IR maple leaf instead of the fabric on the left shoulder, Ops core (painted arid cadpat), LBT 50oz hydro, 226 and bladetech holster.

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