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Can I have a Green Card? Please?

I've got all the gear a man needs, a damn fine suit, waistcoat and tie xDDD -  

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Goal: moderate weight, fast-access loadout to support a full day's fighting for rifleman, CQC, or DM roles on a single harness: 




KYWI inserts hold 6x PMAGs or 4x M14 mags, plus 4 integrated elastic for pistol mags, multitool, or speed loaders.  Grey Ghost pack adapted to form the back of the rig.  I'm a big fan of high-riding drop holsters, but the XDM compact on a TAG chest panel has proven to be more accessible in airsoft scenarios, particularly prone or behind low cover.  I've been sticking an EGL dump pouch on my trouser belt, but with fast-insert pouches I usually don't deploy it.  


The only thing missing is fast access to "frags", specifically Tornado impact and Thunder B.  I'm using a TT Fight Light pouch to hold a single grenade, but some kind of double or triple open-top pouch would be far better.  

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Straight off the kryptek site I think, only other place that seemed to have their apparel was Cabelas at the time I checked.  They seem to do a fair few cold/wet weather garments in the pattern for quite decent prices, Wild Things Tactical will do one up for you custom.


Edit - Yeah there's space for field type knee pad inserts.  Kryptek make some which are pretty funky looking, I've got some OPS ones here which I'd imagine would work, not certain about the Crye ones but I'd say they'd probably fit as well.

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It's not really a million miles from the Crye style.  Pocket layout, belt loop setup, knee pads and adjustment around the leg etc.  It's the way a lot designs are going, the differences are getting more and more subtle.


I think Raid would be nice for urban CQB sites with a lot of concrete, Mandrake looks a bit dark green for the woodland sites I'd play.  Shame there's so little difference between Highlander and Nomad really, the transitional pattern is too arid to my mind, could use more dark brown and light green/less tan.

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Current 2nd line. With cell phone camera picture. I'll probably only use the plate carrier for MOUT/CQB. Normally I run hydro off the chest rig or a stand alone assault pack.


UW Gear Minuteman MKII. (2) HSGI MRU pouches. Specter Gear M18 pouch. TT tourniquet pouch. Ka-Bar TDI.

BCS low profile plate carrier. Tyr 1.5l hydro. ATS vertical utility pouch.


Right now the two pouches are just sitting on the back until BCS sends my MOLLE back piece to me.

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My standard setup. It's going to be chest rig weather soon, though.




-Emerson short sleeve combat shirt

-Crye Precision AC pants w/ Airflex pads

-Merrell MOAB Goretex mids


-Tyr Tactical Gunfighter Belt

   -HSGI Universal double pistol pouch

   -EGL Loppy II dumper


   -Blackhawk! Gladius in duty pouch

   -Crye Gun Clip


-SKD PIG Drop Slider sling


-Mayflower APC

   -BFG 10-Speed triple

   -MRC triple mag inserts in cummerbund

   -Tyr 1.5L hydro pouch

     -Camelbak Pakteen

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OpsCore FastJump Helmet* /w crye helmet cover MC*, strobe*, ir lights*, comtac II headset*, LPBP*, L3G24 mount*
crye gen2 aor2* shirt & pants
FCPC MC /w HG MC chest rig /w Slynx dual comm PTT*
3days MC backpack /w para rope, hydration & MBITR*
Salomon boots
HK416* /w Surefire Flashlight*, PEQ15*, CTR Stock, AFG1 HandGrip, Eotech XPS3*, Eotech 4x Magnifier /w FTS*



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