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Pics of your Gear

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Can I have a Green Card? Please?

I've got all the gear a man needs, a damn fine suit, waistcoat and tie xDDD -  

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Slightly impatient, as I'd ordered a *lot* more stuff, and both suppliers are telling me it's been sent; Bank Holiday has slowed post down apparently. Still, here's a sneak-preview of what it is to come. Doc ditches DPM... ;)



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Yep it's real, but I got a good deal on it. There are actually a few on ebay for fairly decent prices. I got mine locally.

And yeah I am aiming for A'stan SF loadout. ;)


- CapaciousZepher


That's cool man, I also got my Desert ELCS, but not the whole kit.





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Thanks Doc.



Sure. It's really pretty simple, which is the beauty of this kind of loadout.



- Shemagh

- Green neck wrap

- Random tan collared shirt

- Tan PACA

- 4 mag velcro shingle

- SKS type Chicom w/ fastex buckles

- ICOM radio

- Mechanix gloves

- Gortex ballcap

- ESS Profile NVG's



- OD M65 pants with tan riggers belt

- Belt kit with drop leg holster, pistol mag pouch, dump pouch, drop leg medical pouch.

- Belleville gortex desert boots.



- Tactical Tailor 3 day pack.



- Colt M4A1

- Beretta M93R

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Alas, there was a mishap with some of the kit (Oakley SI gloves, rigger's belt and hydration pouch were sent, but got sent back; address mixup I think), but the meat 'n' bones of this are done, though I'm still not sure about kneepads... All I need is a HK416 and about 6 different types of aiming devices on it :P



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Seconded on the M16, and since when has anyone needed an excuse to wear dessie kit :P

Personally unless I was actually going to skirmish somewhere sandy I wouldn't buy any to be honest, I'd rather spend the money on more temperate camo appropriate to the site. But as I say, that's purely my way of spending, every time I think about picking up a tan plate carrier or something this little niggle in the back of my mind stops me... possibly I'm just a tight *fruitcage*, hard to say :P


I'll 3rd the M16(A2?) as well, very simple, in this world of pimp my M4 it's nice to see alongside the newer style kit.

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