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Yeah peoples reactions to it are pretty priceless. They wary widely from "what the heck is that" to just "holy s##t that's beautiful". At 7,5kg without the magazine its significantly heavier than the m249 series guns and even heavier than the A&K PKM. The gun is very front heavy too so at the end of the game day my left arm was getting pretty tired of keeping the gun up.  :D

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Not sure if this counts, I'm gonna just drop it here.
Few years ago I saw THIS. ( Also note page 9 of the post, someone in the States made one from aluminum block and sells it )
Damn, that was cool, I had to get / make one myself.
After a while, I had MINE.
The sight has TWO light collecting window, one is for circle reticle and T mark for another, I found the T mark one was VERY dim and decided to block it.
The acrylic sheet ( block ) was held by double sided tape and the fiber rod is held by some blu tack, surprisingly they held themselves in place on the crazy kicking G5.
Years pass I got something nicer on my G5 and it's collecting dust, how about an upgrade?

How it looks now:


3M CF pattern stickers



Note how small the peeping hole is ( BB for size comparison )4tgSXUa.jpg


Current acrylic block and previous prototypes

New bigger block, drilled and tapped for M5 to fit included screw from ACOG mount
Drilled fiber holder for holding fiber rod.... by friction!


Also allows not-as convenient rod change ( remove block, poke rod, place new rod VS remove rod, apply blu tack , place new rod )


Sorry for big aperture, low light :P



How the reticle looks from cellphone camera ( almost impossible to take picture with larger cameras )


Edit: Typo

Edited by Katotaka
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