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RWA Nighthawk steel 1911 with machined rs Heinie tritium sights, stainless threaded insert (to match this two tone oddness), grey Magpul grip panels!  

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Nova Combat Commander kits on sale now! I've grabbed one off Redwolf $308.

Has anyone identified exactly which model of Commander Nova has copied?


The Combat Commander should I believe have that text written on the slide, where Nova has Commander Model.  Commander Model followed by large caps COLT is reminiscent of the XSE, but of course everything else is wrong.


The rear-only vertical slide serrations are right for the Combat Commander, as they are for other pre-XSE versions (e.g. 1991).


From the photos, it's hard to make out exactly what the rear sight is that Nova is supplying.


R.S. Combat Commander for reference.



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The serial number dates to 1977, however accurate that is I don't know !






The kit appears to be based on the mid to late 70s steel/aluminium (LW Commander) version and not the earlier light weight version (Combat Commander). The CLW at the start of the serial number means Colt Light Weight.

Pre 70s = Combat Commander (S/A).

Post 70s = Commander (S) and LW Commander (S/A).

Colt first built a prototype Commander size 1911 in the 20s in .38super but it was never produced. The Commander was finally brought up again by the US Army in 1949 as a possible order for production. Colt proposed it to be built in 9mm caliber, with a light weight aluminium frame but the military rejected it!

Beautiful kit, simply beautiful B)

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Thanks for the info guys!  Just what I was looking for.


So in theory Nova is incorrect in calling it a Combat Commander (or at least that's how RW has it listed on their website).  Right?

The Colt Combat Commander from the 70s was full steel compared to the earlier Commander which had an alloy-derived frame,

I think it's spot on, lots of threads about it on some of the 1911 forums.

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I'm hoping nova do the correct grip safety, S70 part will do for now, but I can't find their ring hammer in stock anywhere I frequent.

The Nova Ducktail grip-safety unlike the Series 70 has a cut out to allow for the ring hammer,


Seeing as how Nova makes the kits and the ring hammers I don't think it will be long before they are available again

The SB and SS version are made in Hong Kong, and the SSB (stainless steel black) exclusive to Japan.

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I haven't actually got around to building the Nova Commander kit yet, no ring-hammers - come on Nova :rolleyes:


But here are a few shots to give a better idea of how it looks, and comparison to the Series 70,

Yes don't worry you don't need glasses yet, the first shot is slightly blurred !

Dam cat - have to blame someone :D









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Finally a Commander slide I can look forward to seeing available. Could never understand why they had not made one sooner. While I'd like to see a version with Wilson Hi-Profile sights, I'll gladly settle for the standard slide for now.


Any idea's on the price of the whole kit and if it comes with the front and rear sights?

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Oof, that's tempting. That's a stunning weapon.

Yes indeed, these polished-slide kits from Nova are something else,

but like Big Al said they would look great in a case or display, as they are quite striking.


Nova are on a roll at the moment, I hate to think what's in store for the rest of the year,

I've heard rumours of kits becoming available of guns only previously available on the Western Arms Platform,

I think if your a 1911 fan, the year ahead is going to have plenty of goodies in store :-)

Just when I said I was finished with 1911s - Murphy's Law ;-)

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Ordered mine from Redwolf in black. Well it was a toss up between this or the new TM 870 shotgun....Squad 701 swung it for me with those lovely photos mmm.


It's fortunate that as soon as I placed my ordered I posted here to give a heads up to others that they were available......


The Nickel S70 is in at RW too, bit dearer than WGC but in my experience their packages sa il through customs so $11 is no biggy )

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Another Nova kit, and another first for the Tokyo Marui platform is the Colt Combat Commander,

with a similar polished-finish to the previous Nova 'Series 70' and 'Raptor' kits,

its extremely good value for money considering previous prices of Prime kits and WA ABS models,

unfortunately by the time you've bought a few matching Nova parts, you've practically paid for the kit again,

I wouldn't recommend either the Nova slide-catch or thumb-safety as they are more of a Matt Black Steel finish,

compared to the real-steel more gloss-like appearance of the parts on the TM 'Series 70' which I would recommend as a donor gun - funds permitting of course.


I've had the kit a couple of weeks now, but couldn't decide which ring-hammer to use, the Steel Black (Two-Tone S/B) or Stainless Steel (Silver S/S)

but after viewing both there isn't much in it, so basically its down to personal preference.

Bear in mind if using Ring Hammers, you may have to use a Ducktail grip-safety in conjunction which has a cut out prepared for this.


Here are a few initial shots, Cheers.










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