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AK & Variants Picture Thread

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I think it will look pretty cool, Can you take some pictures of the battery in your RPK please?

I cant right this minute as I am leaving to go to class in about... say 5 minutes :D but i would be happy to take them once I get back, see the battery just sits ontop of that flat part of the bolt, but ill take pics of it for you later


I do use a 4400mah 7.4 lipo big *albatross* battery I keep in the stock, but I put my 1700mah 7.4 stick in the top so I can swap them out if the battery dies(however unlikely, but I would have to hook the stick into the stock as I dont have it wired to the top)

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Sanded down and refinished the wood with teak oil then added a (Belarus it think?) PK-A, gun is Kalash AKS-74, completely stock atm

And yes i know AK47 mags are wrong, but i got this second hand and it came with them wink.gif




And with mags in




For more pics


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Surely thats going to get in the way of a 9.6v stick battery?


No the Bolt carrier doesn't - however the gas blocks may be a little to tight for for some stick batteries. My AKMS stripped the heat shrink off a few stick batteries before I gave up and bought 3 lipos :)

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finally its here! my AKS74 came this morning via parcelfarce from FireSupport. I was amazed at the quality when i first opened the box (this is my 3rd VFC, 1st was my HK416 which had internal problems and the 2nd was a VFC AIMS PMC). The wood looks amazing also. Picking it up and holding it was a joy! Test firing it on a 9.6v, it sounds very nice compared to my Cyma. Im finding mags fit very very snug, my cyma mag that came with my ak105 doesnt fit, but i dont care because its a high cap and b i dont use it. My other selection of mags fit very well and the VFC that came with the aks74 is very good quality.


Test firing was fine everything works, only thing is im not going to be able to test the range on it till i go airsofting again in sept or oct which is a shame :(. So i wont change the hopup rubber till then.

Ive got some Beta 140round mags in the post which i will be using with this aeg and my cyma until i get an LCT conversion kit.






According to Firesupport on my invoice the AKS74 is firing at 285fps.

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can anyone tell me how good the LCT gearbox are? I'm split on getting either a LCT or a VFC ak aeg




I have 4 vfc's love them to death because of their strength and quality material that they have. In terms of gearbox they have of self shimming system that I am not to fond of but in terms quality of the internals it is really good metal and finish compared to its dboys competitor. Honestly in all the gearboxes and gearbox tolerances in stock airsoft guns it is all a relative term. So ideally I would buy the VFC because it has the best externals with the most realistic tear down and parts. You can't get a AMD-65 by VFC though so it is up to what you are into.


I can't comment on LCT but they have the OLD SCHOOL 6mm boxes and it that retrospect they already *fruitcage*ed up. 6mm gearboxes are a thing of the past. LCT are aesthetic pleasing but the take down is not as realistic as the VFC and it cannot compare. So if you can buy the model you want by VFC than do it. That is my vote


Oh ya and watch out for the ones with the cyma gb


remember airsoft is 90% about looking good



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We had this discussion a page ago as well. I'm half tempted to take photo's of my 3 month old LCT gearbox, with LCT markings, horrible gears (not self shimmed) and a 7mm case, with a broken cylinder head nub. But to be honest, that wont make any difference. If you've buying LCT, no one knows what internals you'll get. And personally. I've never had any problems with 6mm gearboxes. It's getting kinda off topic now anyway. This is a picture thread afterall.

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Going on the way the buffer tube is attached to that receiver I'm gonna go with it not being removable. A more likely option if you're set on the PRS would be using an AK/M4 stock adaptor on a normal AK47, there's a couple out there which let you attach the buffer tube of your choice, so the PRS may go on to one of those.

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Finally completed, now i finally have something to fill in the DMR aspect in my arsenal.



what brand is that svd, a&k?


Brand is GBL Customs. New company i just made 10 seconds ago lol. I created it myself, it is based off the saiga.

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