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Beretta Picture Thread

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Push dagger of some description.


Hmm, they legal over there I take it Bob?


[edit] Apparently not :unsure:


[edit2] Gawd I'm confused o.o could you clarify fer me?

Also, old pic of 90two-esque thing + 93





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Technically it's a 'boot knife', I bought it at a military/law enforcement only sort of dealie, luckily enough I'm military so I got it at a fairly decent price.


It's a Benchmade CBK with coated grip.


Push dagger: knife designed in such a fashion that the handle is placed perpendicular to the main cutting edge of the blade


Technically, it's a push dagger.

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In honour of getting her fixed heres my old (6-7 years) TM M9


KA 190% hammer spring & 150% recoil spring

Firefly piston head and rocket valve

Propane powered.

and a couple of cosmetic tweeks.

Anyone want to take bets on how long the standard slide lasts? :P

I'm planing on fitting a Zeke chrome slide come pay day and I've just hurd my local site are planning practical pistol-ish days so I may add a doctor style red dot for more pimpage.

Does anyone have pics of an M9 with any of these two mounts?



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Hey everyone, I know this is kindof a dumb question but I am having trouble finding a good full metal M9 to go with my Army loadout. Only one problem, it has to fit in a SERPA thigh holster. I am having a toss up between KJW and KWA. I want one that wont break too easily as I kinda suck at fixing gas pistols. Thanks for any help here.

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Quick question for M9 owners:


I am looking to get an M9, hopefully before the summer, since I should have the money and I have always fancied them. I love the look of 'tacticool' M9's, ones with suppressors, hogue grips, lasers, etc. and I was wondering what would be the best M9 that I could buy, that has a good upgrade potential and has a lot of accessories available for it. I don't mind buying a metal slide so the M9 can run on Propane either, I'd just like the keep the pistol and slide at or under $200, not including accessories or upgrades. Thanks in advance.

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Can anyone post up a picture of a M8045 next to a standard M9? I'd like to get a feel for the grip size difference. Thanks!




hope this helps... :)




Here is a M8045 and a Centurion








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1stshooter, where did you get the holster from? If you got it secondhand, what make is it?


The holster in the picture is manufactured by Escort Gunleather. The specific model shown is called the Ghost. They do a complete range of moulded holsters, or at least used to, for various guns, although I know that after the handgun ban in the uk some of the moulds were sold off. They can take a mould directly to suit your gun also, so take note if you have any railed accessories etc. I have used them for many years for my holster requirements, and supplied them with the mould for a P99 holster to be made long before they were obtainable, and the Ghost model I have used more than others as it can be swapped about too. It can carry on a horizontal carry position, as was shown in the picture, but you can also adjust it to an almost inverted carry position for some guns, and also allows the addition on the newer ones of magazine pouches and accessory pouches to ba attatched directly underneath. The shoulder harness can also detatch fully as the stud fasteners are shaped to allow a quick and easy detatchment if required, and can be used as a belt holster, again offering on most models two different carry positions. You will find thier website at www.escortgunleather.com They also do many western leatherwear, it is now thier biggest seller, so do not be put off if at first you see lots of peacemaker gear! The Ghost holster should sell for around £70, so it is not the cheapest holster by far, you could get a jit slide holster for about £20, but the quality is superb, and also bear in mind that it is designed for use with real guns, not toy ones, so all the fasteners are protected to stop them from scratching the gun, which cheaper holsters dont seem to bother with, and I am sure that be it full metal or plastic, toy guns will scratch much easier.


Whilst I am replying, I was also wondering, does anyone have a metal model 92FS like the one in this picture? If I am correct, this model is the slightly more tapered frame to it, as opposed to the very square looking one on the 92F?

If so, is it simply a metal body swap out from a 92F, or is it a completely different donor that is needed?



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Yeah, I have noticed this tapered dust cover on 92s too. I came to the conclusion it's the difference between Italian made 92s and ones made is the US, although I could be wrong. However looking at various pics from the different countries, this theory seems to be correct. No idea for the difference though.


Snowman, it might be easier to spot with a comparison of the two. Italian made on top and US made below. Notice the slight slant below the serial number on the frame.







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