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FAMAS Picture Thread

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the entire US Army just exploded.

why ACU???????????????



All I can say was it wasn't me who actually painted it - but I LOVE ACU and I would wear it if I didn't have an odd obsession with WWII stuff!


And I also love the shape of the FAMAS so when I saw it up for sale I had to have it!


As I say, its a love it or hate it gun and tbh I love it but I respect your opinion and sorry for any offence caused to the guys over the pond :P

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Ahh I love how there has been 3 famases posted in the last 6 months :(


Vamp nice Famas, Just sand it a tad more, and I love that last famas Angel, It just IMO needs some holes cut in under the carry handle to break up the "wall" look on the sides.




Can somebody please give me ANY info you know about the G&G/G&P Famas that was supposed to (as of Mid 2007) be released in 2008?


Did they cancel it? I've searched everywhere and can't find anything about it.


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There's not much point tbh.


M- magazines can be modified (with a small modification to the famas magwell) to fit quite easily. And you retain the use of Famas magazines too.


Putting the G36 STANAG adapter would involve A LOT of work and considering the only benefit really is use of anyone's M- magazine (and surely if you wanted to use M- magazines you would already have your own) it just really isn't worth it.


Oh and those STANAG adapter's need modifying anyway to make the M- magazines a snug fit so....Go figure.


Wings :detective2:

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Can anyone help me. I'm trying to find a pic of a Famas with a carry handle mounted ACOG to see if it would be a feasible idea.


It's gonna be high as a hippie, so I don't think it's gonna be practical.

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So I threw together a photoshop of what I would love to do to a famas.


Should become reality pretty soon here, still deciding on a few details (namely whether to keep the pictured G36 front end, might just put an XM203 under the famas default grip)


that looks great, but those dual sights are absolutely naff :unsure:

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yeah, I might just go with the regular 3.5 scoped handle with a 20mm rail on top to add a reflex of some kind.


Absolutely champion idea.


Might I suggest the T-1 Microdot for on top of the rail? Will certainly be more functional than the G36 Dual Optics red dot.

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Some of you may already have seen this from old FAMAS threads, but I've taken a few new pics...








TM FAMAS with G38C Top Rail, left receiver mounted RIS, and Suppressor mounted to appear 'embedded' in a similar fashion to an MP5 SD

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