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Magpul Picture Thread

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Dude your MBUS is sitting BELOW the Sight. Which means your not using it, i think you should just give me that for XMAS. rolleyes.gif HAhahha

Flip-to-side mount for the magnifier. I can, and have, used the iron sights on that setup; takes half an hour or so to make the transition but it's still possible. :P

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It's a G&P EBR MK14 Mod1.

I performs quite good. though still needs a TB barrel.

Scope is a Kingarms M3 with working focus.

With a bit of luck I will be having a MIAD.

An AEG grip does not fit on it, but it uses the same type of attachment as the WA/G&P GBBR's.

So a MIAD shouldn't be a problem.

regarding the railcovers. I am still poundering about that.

Rail panels, XTM panels or rail ladders?

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WA system GBBRs just use RS spec pistol grips, if you can get hold of a RS MIAD/MOE then that'll bolt right on there.


I got one on the way. Let's hope it makes its way to my doorstep.:D

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Here's my ICS M4 CQB. It started out as an M16A3, I changed the stock but kept the wiring and run a 7.2v lipo in the stock tube. All the Magpul parts are clones apart from the XTM panels, as is the C-More. I also Kryloned the lower receiver olive drab - inspired by the Modern Warfare 2 paint jobs on some M4s in the game.





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