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G36 Picture Thread

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I'll call it... the XSL

Or something. Tried HK417 mags but they were way too thick. Settled for ARES SR-25 midcaps.

Despite not being secured at the front it's sturdy enough. Gotta put some epoxy at the front where the notches are and I should be fine.



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Interesting.  Actually never thought about a 308 G36 before now, wonder if there's a prototype or two collecting dust in the bowels of H&K HQ.

As far as I can tell ( I'm kinda of a H&K fanatic) there is no .308 G36.

The G36 was developed from the start to be in 5.56 (and getting some of it's design features inspired by a prototype, the HK36, of an early stage of the international Advanced Combat Rifle (ACR) programme, back in 1973).


There is, however, another 7,62 (the other 7,62 :whistling: ) HK prototype that most people might not be aware of. The HK32:



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Sorry not really pictures but there isn't really a good place for this:


I'm having a few issues with my mags/mag well in my g36. The gun is a CA 2006 series and I'm using TM standards (fairly old) and KA midcaps (around a year old).


Anyway it seems that the mags fall out too easily. They don't feel really loose or anything but a few time they've dropped out.I removed and re-applied the magwell screw/pin but that doesn't seem to have rectify it. Any suggestions? All I can think is;


- The mag catch being loose

- Flex in the magwell



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Got this the other day with winnings from a G&G competition. G&G GEC36. Very impressed with it. It's very snappy, very accurate, range is brilliant and the build quality is really top notch. It also has some kind of system that simulated a heavy bolt. No blowback, but when you press the bolt lock and release the bolt its quite violent.







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Suggestions for g36c colours anyone? Im leaning toward "panzer grey" with white or dove grey highlights, but i also love flecktarn - 'specially on a german gun. I did have a project idea ages back the "germans win the war- this is tgere gun" basically a modernised stg44. I think with the all in line shape you cd do a hell of a lot with it.

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My raped G36c...


JG base - The newer versions have a much nicer finish, handy because they cost peanuts.
ACM rail system

ACM mag adaptor (Purely because AR mags are so much easier to get along with, pouch wise)

ACM SF556 flash hider
MS2 sling clone

CA KAC filp up irons

Clone Magpull bits


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Umarex G36 Elite
Pretty much bone stock at the moment, shoots great out of the box, I did disable the silly blowback however.

JG G36K (Need to order a new outer barrel as the previous owner JB welded the stupid suppressor on.)
CA 7mm Mechbox with bearing bushings
Matrix ball bearing spring guide
JBU piston with steel teeth
JBU ball bearing ported piston head
JBU Cylinder head
Classic Army carry handle
Madbull Blue Bucking with H-Nub




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so I've pretty much ignored the whole ebb and gbb thing, but now I'm thinking about getting one (maybe the WE) any considerations? I don't know if there is one thats better, or if early models suck or anything.


At the same time I might as well ask, is there anything going on with the electric ones (blowback or not) that really merits checking out? Amazing bodies or nonstandard internals or the like. Thqnks, I've been kinda out of touch with this all for a bit.

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