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Magpul Picture Thread

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My WE MSK GBB with some initial addons: MLOK sling loop, cheapass RIS angled grip and a 4x ACOG. I kinda forgot to put the silencer on. Next stop: two extra magazines and magazine bands marking t

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It's the stock barrel. I simply fixed the gas block in place with set screws tightened down in to the barrel. I probably trashed the bottom of the barrel, but I have never taken the gas block off to see since I installed it about a year ago.


Interestingly, the piston stripped today after roughly 60k rounds on both M120 and M130 springs. Paired with an 11.1v 20c lipo, I averaged 27RPS through that entire time. I can deal with a piston failure after 60k rounds under those conditions.

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Any battery that will fit in the standard MOE handguards will fit in the extended version. I've personally used:


- generic 8.4v mini (unknown mah)

- 12c 1600mah 11.1v PEQ battery

- 15c, 20c, 25c 1600mah 11.1v Firefox lipos

- 20c 1600mah 11.1v Tenergy lipo

- 20c 2200mah 7.4v Thunderpower lipo


Pretty much any small form factor battery should fit. It is indeed the ACM version. As far as I know MagPul hasn't released the real ones yet, meaning this isn't actually a clone, but a product inspired by a mockup image. Yay ACM! :P

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Larue Tactical's RISR(Reciprocating Inline Stock Riser), basically a spring loaded cheek riser that allows the full functionality of the charging handle even at fully retracted position.


Works ok as advertised, but as far as a riser goes for me it is maybe not that necessary....On that WOC above it works great with the Aimpoint on the riser as it puts the dot right in the middle of the tube. But when I tried it on the lower profile sight like the Irondot below it almost put the dot out of the FOV. And its same story on the Accupoint. And the BUIS is useless now....


I'll keep it on the gun for now but we'll see....

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Not much to show, this is my 4th build (I think?) now within the last year -.-. Planning to go all out on it with as much RS parts as I can, hopefully as this will be the last time I ''build'' :P


These are the only parts I have at the moment, RS EOTech, and got a RS shipment of Magpul items a few days ago. More to follow hopefully in the next few months as I hammer my bank :P


The Surefire G2 is now gone along with the replica Daniel Defense offset mount and the G&P rail.






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FINALLY finished the mods on the ACR:


-Front flip-BUIS removed and replaced with rail

-Shortened barrel to 10.5" with gasblock tucked into RIS

-Bushmaster ACR RIS

-PTS trademarks removed

-Upper receiver sprayed coyote brown (not a perfect match, but oh well!)

-Shell deflector sprayed black


Will be going with an AAC trilug soon and possibly a silencer option.





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-noveske, i dont understand, i havnt seen a photo of a new peice for a while from you but yet you still manage to make me cry with happiness when i see one of your new toys.



:D :D Thanks! Glad you're a fan. I haven't had much time to work on new builds, nor have I found anything I've really wanted to build. I'm currently working on something with Aznriptide859. Hope to see some results soon...

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