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AK & Variants Picture Thread

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HAY GUYS! I has AK too. Can I join?

My collection: It includes one or two cousins, sorry for this.      

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Well not quite airsoft, but I'll relate it to airsoft; This arrived yesterday:



And I think I will at some point make it an analog of my AIMS replica



Also just ordered a Bulgarian AK74 kit, so I guess that I'll have to do an AK74 also, joeshred's plum AK74 looks quite nice, not sure though if I want to go with Bulgarian plum furniture, K-Var plum, or just get the LCT OD green AK74 kit as I like OD and the AK-74's in STALKER are OD.

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Romanian Civil Guard semi-auto rifle, demilled and imported a while ago when complete barrels were still permitted, What-A-Country still has them for $360. Looks unfired, though the finish on the wood looks to have deteriorated a bit. I'll be building it myself with the help of a friend who has the tools, will use a NoDak receiver and RedStar FCG and a couple other US made parts. Should turn out nice. Will do the same with the Bulgy kit I ordered, might go with a full K-Var furniture set on that though for my US made parts count. I even ordered a Bulgarian milled receiver kit for $110, I figure I'll just hold onto it until there are more US made milled receivers on the market and their price comes down.

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New toy for me today! CYMA CM048.







Sorry for the goofy background! I'm at my apartment at school so I'm not going to take an AK outside for pics with all the people around.


I've got a few questions for you experts. The gun is wired to the rear to the stock; I want to convert it to using an M4 buffer tube and put a MOE stock on it. I need a solution involving wiring to the cover, or preferably, getting a buffer tube conversion that can hold a stick lipo. Any ideas? Not sure if there are converters that include those buffer tubes, or if I need to buy a converter then attach, say, a G&P lipo buffer tube like I have on my M4.



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This is relevant to my interests aswell.


Speaking of relevant interests...


My CYMA/Redstar AKM. Current build list is:

- CYMA CM.048M

- Romanian battlefield pickup AKM furniture

- Madbull Red bucking (otherwise stock internally)

- Russian tourniquet

- Polish sling

- Polish front sight and slant brake arrive Tuesday

- ??? vented handguard/heatshield

- DBoys pistol grip (no squishyness or creaking, unlike the CYMA grip)

- 20c 11.1v lipo

- 10x MAG bakelite mids (going to fakelite these soon)

- CAW grenade launcher and 8mm Madbull grenade

- Practicool charging handle jewelry




Stock CYMA RPK... this thing is awesome (especially for the price)!



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Ugh where did you get whole kits for so cheap? :o




Bulgy AK-47 kit is $110, Bulgy AK-74 kit is $195 with wood furniture and no barrel, $300 with barrel, and $15 more for polymer furniture.


Steevo, the outer barrel on that isn't threaded, is it? It looks like the threads broke off the front sight, but on the real AK the barrel is threaded, not the front sight, you might have some trouble there. The gun is looking pretty cool now though.

I also love my CYMA RPK, though mine wasn't terribly impressive out of the box, so I upgraded it a bit, now it is terribly impressive :) I bought a bunch of MAG midcaps for it, just need to get a POSP style scope for it now.

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I've got a black railed polymer handguard coming, but until I buy a VLTOR stock tube, I'm going to restain my wood stock. Anyone got pics of a wooden stocked, polymer handguard AK? Also, anyone ever stain the stocks a very dary color?

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Steevo, the outer barrel on that isn't threaded, is it? It looks like the threads broke off the front sight


Long story there...


Months ago when I bought the rifle, I discovered that the front sight was rather brittle when it split in half and embedded itself in my palm when I was removing the orange factory brake. Shocked and slightly embarrassed at the sight of a pot metal sight sticking out of my bleeding palm, I ordered an Egyptian AKM front sight from Apex... then I cleaned my wound. I had the barrel milled down to match the I.D. of the front sight, but was off by .5 mm or so. Being impatient, I grabbed a ball peen hammer and started tapping the front sight down onto the barrel, figuring the barrel would be malleable enough to soak up the difference.


It wasn't.


I'm going to chop the barrel off right behind THAT front sight, mill it down properly, put the new front sight on, and then thread the end of the chopped barrel. I'll lose about an inch of barrel length, but it won't be enough to look significantly different.

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Stock CM031-C AK104, paracord wrapped stock with RS Polish Tantal modded to fit (extremely tight though).








There's a huge chance I give up on the Dboys/VFC-based Haley Kalash build, and just go and base it off a TM base (as much as I don't like the TM base anymore). I'm missing far less parts, and given enough time with a dremel I'm sure the TM system could fit the RS parts I need just fine. What does everyone else think?

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