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AK & Variants Picture Thread

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CYMA AKMS (Wood/Steel VFC Clone) and a TM Based AK105 (AK102 with AK74mn furniture)




In case anyone was wondering, the shape of the mag is due to it being a 5.56x45 style export magazine, rather than the 5.45x39 an AK105 should have. I only use the export mag because they seem kind of rare.

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HAY GUYS! I has AK too. Can I join?

My collection: It includes one or two cousins, sorry for this.      

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My friend has a Kobra on his Saiga AK, I'll have to have a look through it.


Here are the two newest additions to my family. Nothing special, just a DBoys AKS74 that I picked up for $30, and a echo1 rebranded CM.048 that I got for $60:



DBoys needs a proper dummy bolt and muzzle brake, Cyma needs rear sight and muzzle brake as well. They're both future projects for when I get around to them, they'll get the usual internal upgrades with 120 springs and tightbores, hopup, etc. The DBoys will be a proper Russian military AKS74, and the Cyma will get sanded and repainted to get rid of the stupid trademarks, and then I'll probably throw a mix of Eastern Bloc furniture on it; Romy stock I've got lying around, fakelite the pistol grip, maybe Bakelite handguards?

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Recoil Shock Kalashnikovs don't seem to get much love - but I like that one! Wish LCT did a kit for them.


Thanks :) LCT do an AK105/104 kit actually, to turn a full size recoil AK into essentially what I own. I was planning on getting an Ak74mn and adding the kit, but it would have become expensive pretty quickly once I got mags and a suitable chest rig, so I got a forum member to combine his broken AK74mn and working Ak102 and sell it to me! Came to just under £400, so not that cheap, but worth it to me! Some company called 'Dynamic Star' also seem to make a similar kit. 



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Time for more frankenAK. I had this CM.035 that fell down and cracked in half, it already had a few things crack on it so I think it was a bad batch of extra brittle potmetal. In that case it should have just become a wallhanger, or scrap metal, however...


I decided to try fixing it:



Some 1/16" aluminum and JB weld seem to be plenty strong, time will tell. I had cannibalized some parts already, so instead it got the front end from a CM.028, and the gearbox from a DBoys AK74.




I quite like the way it came out, now I wish I had put more care into filling in the unused stock catch holes (the hinge cracked so the stock is fixed with screws and JB weld) and the indent that I filled in to try and build up some strength where it cracked. Looks good enough for a frankenAK though. Now I just need a top cover and a selector lever with that little key that engages the lever on the gearbox, anybody have those bits lying around?

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Given that the V3 gearbox used on AKs has a "caged" motor, wouldn't fitting an AR grip on an AK AEG just be a matter of finding one that has room enough inside to accomodate the motor cage?


Anzip or someone else adpated a Magpul grip by ccutting it in half, IIRC. But I cant remember if he used an AEG or a GBBR grip.

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I just picked up this little thing, it's the Echo1 Bolt. It's perfect for CQB and since I've already had gear for an AK, it made sense to buy another AK for indoor/CQB fields and games. I was very satisfied with the performance that my Echo1 RD700 gave me at my last outdoor game, I feel the AK Bolt would be perfect for me.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do paintjob wise, if at all. For the moment the gear setup works for the basics that I need. I managed to scrounge up enough parts from my leftover RS bin to finish the gun.




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