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DPM picture contest as requested by LJ

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Hey guys,

LJ suggested that I set up a DPM picture thread due to lack of DPM-ness forums because of his abcense.


so post your DPM pics here and they will hopefully be judged by LJ at the end :)



cheers, heres a very old pic of me (pink infinity, I KNOW) I have a new SAS NI impression coming up though :)




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Why oh why couldnt there have been a Decent L85 for when this pic was taken eh? Aye taks me back two years to my first AEG skirmish with mates lol


Damn looking back my shemagh looks very out of control :P


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Me ftw. I have, after about 10 minutes work, covered a wall of my bedroom with DPM and scrim (and a couple of OD things, like socks & thermal stuff).


It's impressive. I took a picture on my dad's spangly camera, but am Unable to transmit it to any PC in the house :( My PC is curently kibitzing with my sh*tey camera, but I'll try to get a picture.


It currently consists of the following items (all are DPM unless stated):


1 bergen

1 Thermal jumper (OD)

1 Jumper (OD) - Army issue thingie

1 Pair of thick socks (OD)

1 Pair Waterproof trousers (I dunno...)

2 Pairs Combat Trousers

2 Lightweight Combat Smocks

1 Winter Combat smock

1 MK6 Kevlar helmet (Used to be L_J's :))

1 Peaked Cap

1 Scrim Net (OD)

1 Scrim net ('DPM')

2 Soldier 95 belts (OD)

1 Pair Para Boots (Black) (In the bergen)

1 Painted WELL MP5A8, Resembles DPM.


So - me FTW :D


C'mon camera, work!

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This would be nicer if people cropped their pics. I don't like opening large images, then having to scroll down because the whole top of the pic is treetops and sky. If YOU are only a blip on my screen then why is your whole yard filling up my screen? I mean, it doesn't matter to me as I have cable, but for the 56k users... show some mercy and crop your pics.



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