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1911 Picture Thread

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Awesome, thanks a lot. Just a question, how do you refinish the grain effect without turning it into the brushed steel finish?


I refinished my slide as during initial mating of the slide stop to the slide stop notch it burred up slightly.

I have seen slide stops reprofiled to match the angle of the cut out on the slide. Obviously not an issue if you refinish.


Grain and brushed are similar, I have always taken brushed to be more random.


I assume we are talking the sides of the slide?


The trick with grain finish is to use 1000 grade wet and dry abrasive paper on a flat surface, I use glass.

You must keep the slide perfectly in line when drawing across the abrasive paper.

Keep it pressed firmly and evenly, use a parallel guide for the slide to move along if you need extra help keeping it straight.


I cannot stress how easy it is to get it wrong, go steady and practice with a plastic slide if you're not sure.


Best of luck :)

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that's the problem, you need to use a very small amount to stand any chance of stripping the frame with ease...


I originally tried blutac.. but it would only work for a few tweaks of the safety..


I can imagine that wrapping the pin part in cellotape until it fits very tightly might also stop it wobbling quite so much..



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Thanks, the polished slide lock release helped a lot.

I'll need to source a set of Delta Elite medallions before I can choose who to go with. Larry or VZ.....


Since I actually have both, I would say go with Larry. His grips just feel more custom, and he is willing to do custom cuts if you ask. I have a source for the Delta Medallions, but black background ones are like $35 plus shipping (or $30 can't remember). I have a set of the cheap blue background with silver triangle. PM what you want.


HBC - Looks great, but I am just not a fan of the Raptor. I prefer the CDP II, maybe because it is a more subtle look. Either way, that is a very clean gun.

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