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SA80 Picture Thread

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Nice matey...... Damn now I want one again - I thought I got over that with the LSW.


Still would be better if you removed the surefire.... and speaking of which where did you get your mount for it? as i'n just using a poxy scope ring for mine.

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It fell off after about half an hour of me pulling it and the blowback mechanism going. Stock power and ROF seem quite good and even better when i tried it with a 9.6v battery (wouldnt advise running it in a game with that battery though). Have tried to dissconnect the blowback, it has stopped working but the mechanism is still 'squeaking' when the gun fires. Need to take a proper look. Well worth the money though. Build quality is really good, no creaks or rattles. The only thing i would suggest is putting a bigger screw into the grip to stop it moving. Hope that helps you

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another of my g&g a2




well it will be a little strange if the blowback hook falls into the gearbox considering the gearbox on the A2 doesnt have the gapeing hole in the top that the a1 had.


im up to 4500 rounds with no blowback problems

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