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PCU is a layered combat uniform system. The jackets you see in the photo's are all Level 5 PCU 'Orc industries' jackets, however I believe that 'Beyond' now have the offical PCU contract and that ORC no longer make them. They do a system called MCU instead which is very similar.

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Its against Military LAW. Its not a choice, is a felony. <_<



I know this post is a few pages back, but it caught my eye...


If they want to walk around on a military installation and ACT like the rank they're wearing on their chest or collar, then it's against UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice), but if they're just playing around, let them do whatever.


Anywho, I wear SSG ranks when I play, but I also wear my team's name tape, as well. It suggests that I have earned the rank of SSG on my team.


Also, the Patrol Cap, or soft cap, should be worn parallel to the marching surface. It shouldn't be worn like a regular baseball cap.


:D Nice pics, guys!

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