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Anyone know where I can source a IBA in ACU?


I am gonna be here for another year, was going to be joining the Army but couldn't ship and my MOS is full.... doh


Help would be appreciated. I checked on eBay and found a few used ones... I'd like to try to get a new one if possible.

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My loadout for training/airsofting.








Probably going to be forced to get myself a MICH (right now we use PSGT's). Also I'm teatering about trading in my OD EI CIRAS for an ACU one but at the same time I'm hearing rumblings that the Army maybe switching to Multicam in a few years/there may be a Crye Armour Chassis in the works that's ACU. Whichever one seems more sensible in the next 6 months will probably be my change out, although I do so love my current CIRAS, lots of good memories in it...


(BTW don't ask who makes the M14 cause it's not an airsoft gun, tis a parade rifle and yes, I AM allowed to wear that patch so don't even start)

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OD with ACU doesnt look bad at all.


I don't think it looks bad either, but I have to face the sad truth that, although for FTX's and normal training events I can use an OD vest, the Army's not gona let me deploy or go to any schools with my big green turtle shell, so I have to replace it with either the ACU version (which I've toyed with buying for awhile) or like I said, the slight possibility of an Armour Chassis, in whatever pattern is most applicable to the Army in the next few years.

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If you want it so bad... cough up the $100 or so for one. lol

or if you can't find one, get one of those ACM stuff or OPS (http://www.ur-tactical.com/unlimitshop/product_info.php?cPath=23&products_id=128)



Another WIP from me:



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i havent received any shirt, thats what the email was about. When was it sent? do have any way of tracking it? I dont normally have any trouble getting stuff from the US so im wondering what could have gone wrong (it normally takes about a week to get here).

I hope you got right address.



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