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Classifieds and auction system online

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Agreed. Just use the new system for auctions and retain the old system with ascuk stylee sections.


Sounds good but on the whole if this was done how much would the auction section be used? I cant see what class of items would mainly be put in there? All i can think of is rare items and imported bits and bobs but items this expensive rarely get sold anyway.


To be honest I like the whole new system, it looks snazy and your able to get the gist without going into the thread which is REALLY GOOD for no broadband users but I dont like the auction bit.


I liked the side of the 'Old' sale forums where you had to agree a deal and actually had to communicate with the other person, got to know them a bit in some cases rather then for example the 'buy now' option where youve just found youve been paid and are finding out whos paid you. When repping others about deals I like saying 'good coms', 'quick to respond','top bloke,'would definately deal with again'.


A few quick questions:


Hmmmm just a thought what about trades then?


Also why would we need US and UK sections? the prices are either in USD or GBP simple nah?

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Didnt ASCUK have a bulk sales section to cover this?


I have just added a "Bulk / Misc Sales" sub-section to the new system ;)



...I think it makes buying anything really hard as the seller could in theory wait for ages until a silly amount more then the item is worth comes up.


So much for first come first served which i liked about the forums and why I dont like using eBay. The only way some people can really buy airsoft stuff is second hand by 'bagging a bargain', so long to that. If this system takes over I fear it will simply be the people with the most buying power taking it over. And who said money isnt everything. This system is great for the seller but horror for the potential buyers! *Sigh*  :(


Well, this (as far as I see it) is an indictment of "Darwin's Principal". If sellers want too much then they're going to end up disappointed. If they are reasonable in their requests then they will get a quick sale. Basically if the seller wants top-dollar then they can use the system to their advantage and either get stone-walled or get a buyer with more money than sense. If a seller actually wants to sell their gear in a reasonable time-frame then they can configure their sale accordingly.



I know one persons never gonna sell his gun on it anytime soon, look when his auction ends.




Yes, quite. As mentioned previously the system is under development and it looks like a sensible timeframe for sales (e.g. Under a month or two) should be enforced and configured in to the system ;)



Is there really any need for sections such as "jewelery and watches" etc it's not exactly often someone sells jewelery lol and the car section aswell, is there really any point? if you want to sell your car put an advert in auto-trader! i think a few of those sections could be taken away.


Even some of the airsoft ones, ie, gas, when have you ever seen someone selling cans of gas on here?...


I have spent a couple of hours rationalising the system and I agree. As such, the sections you mention have now been removed and other sections have been inserted in their place. ;)



Word. It;s a great system, but it doesn't do it for me. Kinda prefer the simplicity of the normal classifieds sections. Just a few more categories there would be nice.


So what categories would you want? I have re-ordered the system in the last few hours. If there ie anything there you want to see please post below and I will take your suggestions in to consideration ;)


Hope that helps all :yu:





BTW - The US/UK/EU/WorldWide divisions are being worked on at the moment - more to follow all ;)



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Ive always preferred the sales section of this forum to any other forum I've ever dealt with, there was far more protection from getting ripped off in that the seller had to state an asking price.. and I likd the lack of a bidding system.

the new system is heavily biased towards the seller.. unless there is to be some sort of inforcement of a pricing structure.

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Just had a quick peek over this it's looking pretty smart indeed!! Just a few thoughts:


To echo what people are saying here: definately need a UK/US/whatever-country split ability.


The ability to not show sold/past items (user defined preference in the control panel?).


Search/filtering on auction/instant sale items


Definatetly tie into the Rep system for buyers/sellers.


Shipping cost field, shipping cost indicator (price does/not include shipping, shipping is extra, etc etc).


Personally I'd like to see AEG, GBB, Spring/Sniper Rifles have sub-categories for mags, parts etc so they'd be more easily located when the system starts to get really busy.


Keep up the great work, it's looking really good ;)

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I asked the member doing a 'best offer' sale for any sort of idea as to the price of the gun, originally, as parts, or any sort of guide as to how much he'd spent.


He said "it's best offer, so I guess best offer is the price"


Not necessarily with this sale, but If someone was stupid and rich enough I can see them getting ripped off by not having the full facts to their disposal, the old sale system used to prevent this occuring because of vigilent Arnies users telling the seller the sales rules. that's not good.



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but if someone is selling a customised gun, and they won't tell you the price of the original parts.. how are you supposed to gauge the price of the gun?


Also. I hate bidding systems, the sales here was always on an even kilter between seller and buyer because there had to be a set price..

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My view on the auction system:


I actually don't mind it, I mean by all means i prefer the old selling way but i see the advanatages and disadvantages of the new system so i'm prepared to try it.


Some problems i found:


- When an item is sold, it still stays there for the rest of the auction time, Clogs up the forum


-Item locations need to be split up. European Sales and US sales/Asia or however you want to split them, i agreed with the guy earlier who says EU should be with UK though, postage is actually not much more ect..

Putting the item location in auction does nothing really as it's still clogged upthreads that your just not going to buy do to it being in US.


-Rep system needs to be linked, i.e the names being printed on the auction rather than an email address.



Those are the only things i can pick out at moment.



If i were to say the best method, i'd just say to split Arnies sales like ASCUK have.




European Sales



-AEG Accessories



-Bulk Section

-None Airsoft


And same for other continent/country.


just my view, i don't need flaming :P

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Anyone knows ?


The bids are made in the currency that the item is listed under. It's a flaw in the software system (one that's reported for a fix). Whilst is displays the wrong currency marker initially, it just bids for you in the same currency as the item that's listed.

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I just had someone place a bid on auction. Open bid was 165


However the first bid he could make was 10 quid over that.


So I dropped price to 155


Now the auctions sitting with one bid at the opening price of 165 I had in mind.


Hope that makes sense.


I expect its a bug rather than a feature :D

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