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Whole set of these can be found on MP.net, but I particularly liked this one. ;)




U.S. Air Force Pararescueman Senior Airman Matthew, from the 64th Expeditionary Rescue Squadron, Joint Base Balad, Iraq, repels from an HH-60 Pavehawk helicopter during a proficiency exercise outside of Baghdad, Iraq, April 10, 2009, in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

(Photo by Staff Sgt. James L. Harper Jr. : U.S. Air Forces Central Public Affairs)

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How is it wrong thread? Refer to post 516, this is for my upcoming AF SF kit based on the second picture. I threw the SEAL patch on the fill up unused velcro to show the velcro real estate. If it is not ssupposed to be here I'll remove it.

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@Sandman: WRONG thread!

...and please remove the "beware of the dangerous toy" sticker from your blaster! :tongue2:

<_< Only storm troopers use blasters, that is an M4.


If you think something is in the wrong thread etc, report it or PM a mod, telling the person who posted it won't help in 99% of cases.


I'd like to take the opportunity here remind everyone to suggest how to fix things you see wrong rather than just shouting about them being wrong.

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I'm not 100% sure but I think it might be an Eagle PC without the cummerbund. It's pretty hard to tell from the picture above, but from this one (same guy, if the captions are correct) it certainly looks like an EPC from the back:



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Looks like a BHI (OH EM GEE!!!1!) PC to me, the countours of the excess drag handle material that is sewn onto the carrier is rectangularish on the PC w/ C.



EI PC w/ C



Of course, ya know, since BHI allegedly sucks, there is no way in hell that I'm right. ;)


From that same gallery, there was a dude with a 6094 as well so if a BHI PC is kosher, an EI PC w/ C -a very similar rig to the LBT- would sound perfectly viable.

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