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Got a request guys.


Can anyone post pics of the EOD sporting FSBE's I have seen a few before but cant rememeber where.


Also "think" I remember see'ing one with an eod guy wearing a nomex flightsuit tho not 100% sure if it was the EOD, its unlikely but can anyone confirm if they do?


EOD is wearing flight suits while operating outside the wire in Iraq how ever they are transitioning to the advanced ACUs (AACU) which are nomex with zippers. You can tell the difference because of the zipper pull tabs sticking out from all the pockets.

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@Bronco: Thanks! I'm only halfway trying for a PJ loadout; most of my stuff is just personal preferance.


@PCA: Aye, the G&P body it be. It fits perfectly on my Echo1 except for the front set thread, which doesn't match up. In the pictures it's not all the way on, but I just got it fixed today.


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i dont know much about it, but dont TACP wear the ABU (the tigerstripish ACU, i think its called ABU)? and another thing, i thought IBH's were a SEALs helmet, and Protecs are Seals/PJ... not TACP? but hey, as far as ACU goes it looks good, also kinda artsy with the orange smoke there.

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TACP have used ACU up until recently as they were often placed with Army units, and I bet some still do to not stand out from the Army guys, so if you guys cant afford ABU right now thats fine.


Agreed on the helmet though, its either a MICH 2000 or a Protec for PJ's, no IBH's.

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At the moment our team is mid loadout, we are putting together our 'look' which is going to be TACP styled, its not a specific TACP Team as TACP are attached to other units.


The badge on the shoulder isnt a name badge, its a website for a friends tactical shop so he placed it on his shoulder so it can be seen, rather than hidden under a plate carrier and useless.


The Admin pouch was placed there because he didnt like it on the front and this way he remembers not to put any pouches over the top of where he keeps his dump pouch on his vest, so he can access it easily, it has since been removed from his vest anyway


We have Mich 2002's are on the way, i prefer the 2002 to the 2000 as i like some protection over the tops of my ears from hits, because it flippin hurts lol.


As for radios, as i said we are an Under 18 team, and therefore not quite on the same scale as far as budgets go to get full on radios and handsets, and Sordins at the moment, we have 2 more members to the team who were marshalling that day so they couldnt be in the photo, but they both have backpacks with make shift radio aeriels on them, bit of a bodge but until we can afford some 2nd hand we are gonna have to make do with a measuring tape, wrapped in black PTFE tape as a whiplash antenna.


TACP have been seen around wearing ACU sometimes even oldschool DCU uniforms, but i think they generally wear the same as the SF Unit they are attached to as not to stick out from the group, though i am not 100% certain that this is true in all cases.


This Loadout was based on the Wannabe Section of 'Airsoft International Magazine', which was put together by their associate Donnie T who is actually in the TACP

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Is there a reason why only EOD uses the VLTOR CASV? I've only seen that system in use with the EOD, so I'm just wondering about the reasons behind it. Does it have some special history or special feature that I'm unaware of that would make it better suited than the standard KAC RAS?

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