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Army Armament R85 (L85A1)

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Well the gear issue is a unexpected issue, I've not seen any others do that.


Spacer mod and sector gear mod ( if those gears are copy's of the original you will need to remove 3 teeth from the sector gear )



My friend had this happen with his, again for no apparnat reason, he ordered a G+G set..... much better quality..

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i am trying to find this spacer kit but with no avail, either out of stock or shipping is way to high that does not make it worth the money.


i will most probably create my own spacer i know it has to be 10mm in length but i have a question, is their a particular diameter or something? or as long as it is 10mm in length its ok?



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Take a look at the Repair and Mods Guide by Stealthbomber. It's originally for the G&G L85A1 but is equally applicable to the Army R85A1 with it being a clone of the G&G.


I would also suggest carrying out the second piston tooth removal trick in addition to the mods listed in the guide.

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Mine's till running after many thousands of rounds with the airsoftworld spacer!


Just installed Guarder (m4 style plastic) hop unit, madbull blue hop rubber and madbull 509mm tightbore and the accuracy and range is now very very good! :)

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Sometimes ago, I read here a post about the existence of a PDF which explained how to disamble a gear box from a SA80 G&G.

Does anybody know where I can get it?I have to fix the gearbox and I don´t know how to do it.

Thanks in advance.


I found it.Now, it is not necessary.


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Thats rather harsh.


5 in the team and other then the niggles they all work.


What exactly is it junk for ?


The parts for this are the same has the GnG, so you can either order from them directly or firesupport in the uk - wgc in hongkong


Also what did you expect ? this is a clone...

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My L85 finally succumbed today.


Over 75,000 rounds and the trigger contacts have burnt away i think. Full auto has disappeared and the gun no longer fires a full shot on semi, even with a new battery. Will solder on some new connectors, and hopefully that will be all thats wrong, as none of the mechanical parts show any signs of wear.


Reason for this i think is due to the high amount of rounds fired through it in rapid semi, and i think the heat and possibilty of arcing may have caused it.

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While mine finally gave up the ghost.


Looks like one of the teeth on the spur gear broke off, jammed the bevel gear and caused the pinon gear on the motor to shread...... lucky i had a back up.


I'll be replacing the lot with a new gear set and new motor and will reshim it at the same time.

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I believe it will make the spacer mod obsolete, mine is in the mail, i'll put it in and come back with impressions.

Oooh, an 19 tooth piston with metal teeth?


I believe it will make people damage gears instead of pistons and, once they've damaged their original gears, they'll be FORCED to use a 16 tooth piston because they won't be able to find replacement G&G-style gears.

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Worry not, Rsov also sells this :D, the thing is that they look steel-ish, the only thing left to strip would be the motor pinion, but those are a dime-a-dozen. At least this way you wont worry about a tooth falling in the gb and destroying everything.



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