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Pictures of your latest non-airsoft aquisitions

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i live near a pub that deals only in belgian beer, called the belgian monk. couple of hundred different belgian beers at a guess. some are absolutely amazing, some taste EVEN WORSE than american 'beers'. horses for courses i suppose, but that cloudy, pale hoegarden stuff aint for me.

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that's what so great about belgian beer, if you don't like one particular beer, there about 1500 different ones to try out :D


not sure if this is the place to post, but i did buy some woodscrews and put myself a guitarstand togheter for my guitar hero 3 controller. Was tyred of having the thing lying on the ground, and seeing as how i had some plywood and blacklight spare....




It's abit rough (i'm not very trained in woodworking), but it doesn't wobble and is study :)

still needs a lick of paint and a skin for the controller, but i'm pleased at how it turned out.

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