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Airsofters and cats

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had both cats and dogs when I was younger much prefer cats cos Im lazy and they're low maintenance lol If we were settled in one place long term Id consider getting another siamese but we tend to move every couple of years and I hate the hassle of trying to resettle the ###### things in a new house :D

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Grew up with a house full of cats, dogs, gerbils etc. Sister then got a horse. Now I have three cats, all black. Was originally only meant to be two but a third one just turned up and moved in. Got about three other neighbourhood cats who let themselves in and generally make themselves at home but are not mine.

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I have a dog (toy poodle, old as *fruitcage* but still lovable) and two shubunkins and I co-own a ball python and two veiled chameleons with my suitemates. We just got done with babysitting a friend's full-grown bearded dragon. I've owned all sorts of pets before, including iguanas, chameleons, a ton of birds including an African Gray parrot, mice, gerbils, frogs, toads, salamanders, fish, hermit crabs...


I think I'm more of a reptile person. Even though they aren't as hardy as dogs and cats, they're a lot less messy. Well, except for that one time I held the python three days after it ate a mouse... but that was something I should have seen coming. :(


I did have a kitty once, her name was Emmy and she was adorable. I miss her. ;__;

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