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Pics Of Your Gear.

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New loadout, trying the new h-harness:


















Kit list:


Khaki custom BDU

Oakley Assaould Boots tan

Nomex tan gloves


PACA body armour


MLCS H-Harness old gen

MLCS H-Harness molle budpack old gen

MLCS M60 pouch old gen x 3

MLCS simple nade pouch old gen x 2

MLCS double pistol pouch

MLCS mbitr pouch

MLCS molle pistol holster old gen

MLCS canteen pouch old gen

MLCS simple smoke nade pouch old gen x2



MSA Sordin with ptt




MK 43 mod 0

Sig p226 NSW


Hope you like it ;)

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It seems H-harnesses have become the new craze.




EDIT: lol got this and the SEAL thread mixed up.

I didn't know Brad Pitt played airsoft :)


most recent loadout...don't really know what to define it as...maybe 90s SEAL era??? i duno someone make something out of it so I can give it an official title

How about... PMC?

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Hmm well IF i were a mercenary I'd wear whatever works and I liked. I seriously wouldn't care that much about legal reasons. It its a good piece of kit, who cares if its issued? Esp if its available on the civilian market...

Politically if PMCs were to wear issued military print, politicans can say "blah blah government is using mercernaries blah blah ex-military trained cilivians killing people blah blah crime on society blah blah war criminals etc." Thus may causing the ending of the war and ending majority of a PMC group's business anyways.


Punkypink, kit and camo is different. Kit and gear I can understand I see no problem using an US IBA, CIRAS, etc if you liked it during service. Camo and uniform, that were problems may occur.


Personally I would never wear issue print if I was to become a PMC. Little kids would keep asking for candy on high profile runs if I was. Damn little kids. JK :rolleyes:

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