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1911 Picture Thread

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got my guarder all together at last she's not pretty yet but she works


guarder springfield kit

standard tm parts in the lower

pro-win rear sight and outer barrel ( not got a silver outer that fits atm )

nova barrel bushing

and a guarder guide cap







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I like it. Certainly doesn't look anything like a stock TM 1911A1 though.


What are the internals like?


still waiting for the loading nozzle and the valve stop, there's a RCC brass valve in it, haven't had a chance to shot it yet, but i am sure it'll be good




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Just got my Hogues 2ndhand from this forum for my WA SCW3. I like touching it in nasty ways. I like to handle it. I like to shake it. I like to wield it. Damn yes I would like to skirm with it (or what'd you think?)

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well its better than one thats covered in chips and scratches to the paint so shut it!


wear = win


raped with tan krylon = ugly.


that one sure as hell doesnt look new, personally if i was going to have a used looking gun i'd have good honest wear and tear (e.g. chips, scratches etc) rather than a rather random paintjob.

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