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M14 Picture Thread

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i love the M14 and the EBR they are both great looking rifles.


one has an advantage over the other


the EBR being shorter, a more ergonomuic grip and the RIS makes it easier to attatch goodies.


but this is heavy and cumbersome and also requires modifications to a complex design. i for one am petrified of taking my M14 appart for maintience or to fix anything as there are alot of things that can be broken easily.


the M14 looks great, has the longer barrel(should you choose to have a short barrel EBR) keeps the classic look, and can carry a larger battery and not a custom one which the EBR relies on.



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Anyone else had the problem with their echo 1/kart EBRs where the pistol grip and stock assembly come loose and pulls away from the body when shouldered? I'm sure it's just a loose screw somewhere but I can't locate the damn thing.


Well lessee......there's a couple of places where it can happen, there's a bolt inside of the pistol grip that backs out causing it to loosen.


And then there are two screws on the top of the rail that's on top of the gun, right near the rear sling loops, that seem to hold the thing together.


Only problem with the Kart EBR's...they have a tendency to fly apart on you. The first Op I use it at this year, the whole thing came apart on me pretty much. Took my Airsoft smith 6 hours to get the whole thing back together.


I still love it's fat bottom to pieces though, and I'll never use a Arma-###### again!


Watch the 4 screws that hold the butt end of the stock to the slide tubes, mine completely fell off that first run through!


Also, while shaving a hair of the feed tab on the KA 110 rounders maybe a pain in the *albartroth*, they feed all day long after the mod, and are quite worth the trouble!




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What are the cheapest but good mags for it. I have heard that King Arms mags suck but with silicone they work somehow?


I use them in my Kart so I couldn't comment on the Cyma models, but in the Kart it's lube lube lube, and a little work in on the spring with a smaller cleaning rod. I've had no jams yet what so ever.


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amazing paint job on the stock.


any tips on how to do something similar?


I did this with Krylon paints and for black I used my lighter :)

U must be carefull to not to smelt the stock. Then I finished the job with 2 layers of matte lacquer.


And heres the picture again cause my last link doesnt work



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here is mine. Ya... about my cheek rest. I had to make one because it was akward looking through the red dot without. Im still trying to get a regular scope...justn21005.jpg

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