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H&K Picture Thread

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Just some pics of my Hk's.

Best side GBB's I have ever bought. They both work great, realisticly field strip, and the .45 with .28 gram BB's is never missed a target. I hit a guy last weekend from about 40-45 feet away with two taps, right in his chest.


KWA USP COMPACT 9MM, and USP .45 w/Tan undercoat.



(Taken from web dont have a photo) My TM MP5K, worst money investment ever. Stopped working after 3 OPs.


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The TK USPt is brilliant, feild strips as per the real deal, really accurate with nice range for a gas blow back(dispite it only getting 240fps), the only problem is the fact that there arent any aftermarket metal slides available, and the outer barrel is infact plastic with a metal thread on the end :(


Other than the lack of a metal slide, i have never held a nicer quality plastic pistol, id even go as far as to say the material is nicer than KSC and western arms heavyweight ABS


I believe snowman on here did a brilliant review on his webiste (justpistols was it?), and thats what persuaded me to get one :)

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I have KWC USP's and they have steel slides, steel barrel with block, and field strip great! Only thing is the Mags a horrible, I have had gas feeding problems with my 9MM and my .45 USP. Thats why I was wondering if there is any USP maker that makes full steel USPs with great gas flow.

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I have the KSC USP Compact (used)with a Zeke slide and barrel in Aluminum. It's gas consumption has been equal to a stock TM Sig 226.


The Tanaka USP (new) doesn't work, (single action sear won't engage, and the mag leaks) so I can't comment on the consumption.


The Tanio Koba USP Tactical appears to have equal consumption to the KSC.


All 3 strip the same, just as the real USP. All are different enough that parts like mags and slides will not exchange. The TK and Tanaka are both all plastic except for the outer barrel and threads on the TK.


The Tanaka is definately the junker of the bunch. The TK is super to shoot but right now I'm sticking with the KSC as what I carry tucked in my vest for a skirmish.

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Hey how good are those Tanio Kobas? Steel? Good field Stripping?


I love the Tanio Kobas. Like ianhaz described, probably best externals on a gbb ive ever held (some sort of heavyweight composite, feels cold to the hand and has a great texture. Definitely better than my western arms gbb. Blowback is pretty crisp and yeah, pretty much equiv to the KSC. I think the tanio's are now pretty much out of stock or discontinued atm though? Shame.


Ive seen some classifieds ads with full metal tanio koba USPs (not tactical version) so metal slides do exist out there...wish I can find one.

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