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Glock Picture Thread

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And my first attempt at stippling is...not too shabby, as it turns out.

My first glock, marui g17 foliage green with the guns modify SAI slide set. Phone picture.  

Stock TM frame finally breaks after so many years so this one is quick and dirty to keep down time minimal I didn't even completely knock down the stock texture on front/back straps   This is

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can't believe I forgot to post this bad boy up...got rid of the 17 (pictured above) and grabbed a 45 (I own a real 45, so it only made sense to switch airsoft over to a 45 also)...






For the sake of the photo's, real Glock has the TLR-1 and airsoft has the M3X. I do actually have a tlr-1 rep for the airsoft as well, just figured it would make the pictures a little less..."confusing"...if they had different lights! The G45 is an Umarex (VFC), and is pretty faithful to the real one. The one thing I "don't like" is that the real steel backstraps do not fit (at least not without modifying, which I don't feel like doing). I don't know if VFC makes (or plans to make) any that work, but it would definitely be nice if they did...other than that, it's a great looking and great functioning replica! 

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Hi, here is my first Custom Glock 34 - RWA Fatal Agency Arms with stippled frame.

  • Gunsmodify, PDI 6.01 , RWA slide, Poseidon, Nova, DP, Cowcow, C&C Tac parts :







With the primary 2011 Inokatsu Sopmod M4 :



- Full Kit RWA G34 Agency Arms Fatal Edition (GunsModify Steel Slide & Barrel, CNC Housing System, Nozzle Set, Guide Rod set + PDI Canon 6.01 -112mm)
- RWA Agency Arms Slide Cover Plate
- RWA Agency Arms style Aluminum Adjustable Trigger for Maru G-Series GBB (Silver)
- RWA Agency Arms style Magwell (Silver)
- GunsModify Polymer Gen 3 RTF Frame (Stippling AGC Style)
- Marui Steel CNC Hopup Base for Marui G17/G18C GBB
- GunsModify CNC Blow Back Housing (RMR version)
- GunsModify Reinforced Trigger Bar for Marui G17
- GunsModify Steel CNC Hammer Housing for Marui G17 GBB
- GunsModify CNC Steel Zero Firing Set for Marui G17
- GunsModify Steel Firing Pin Lock for Marui G-Series GBB
- GunsModify Enhanced Recoil Spring Guide + Spring 125 For MARUI G17
- GunsModify Outer Barrel Stabilizer
- GunsModify CNC Metal Frame Rail Mount
- GunsModify No. Tag for Marui G17 Series GBB
- GunsModify Extended Slide Stop for MARUI G-Series (Black)
- Guarder Extended Magazine Release for TM/KJ G-Series (Black)
- NOVA (RMR cut) Detachable Rear Plate, Nozzle & CNC Blow Back Housing set for Marui Spec. GK-Series - 2018 new version
- Dynamic Precision Aluminum Valve Blocker For TM G18C (compatible BBH alu version RMR)
- C&C Tac 120% Loading Nozzle Spring Guide Set for Marui Airsoft G18C GBB series
- GunsModify Enhanced Nozzle Set for TM G17 RMR / G18C (Ver.2)
- Poseidon ICE PICK Flute Valve System for Marui / WE GBB Pistol (Golden)
- Poseidon Loading Nozzle Power Spring Set (2 PCS) For Marui G-Series
- CowCow Enhanced Piston Head For Marui G18C
- GunsModify 135% Recoil & 140% Hammer Springs Set For Marui G-Series
- GunsModify 120% Recoil & 140% Hammer Springs Set For Marui G-Series
- CowCow HopUp Bucking Combo 50°,60°,70° (Set of 3)
- Set de springs GunsModify pour TM G17
- Mapple Leaf Ajustment Lever & hopup Bucking

Shoots like a beast 😉

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