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Combination of boredom and aggravation at how slow the bungie was I was using to hold my pistol in place resulted in a kydex holster insert for one of my radio pouches on my CPC.







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Custom MP5K holster made from heavy .125" Kydex:







You rest the vertical grip on the lower hook, then snap the receiver into the upper hook and it's going nowhere.

Hangs from a UBL with MLS, so I can quickly attach a more normal sidearm when I get tired of the silliness.


Or not...



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Thanks; I wasn't expecting much but was pleasantly surprised with the results. It's kinda nasty looking since I didn't have proper tools (just used a soldering torch, toaster oven, Dremel, and aviation shears). Having the weapon swing forward might be a better idea, since you avoid issues with the scope and can shroud the trigger.


The key was using the thickest Kydex, reheating and pressing the top clip deeply into the groove in the receiver, reshaping it with the gun removed for plenty of tension, and forming "wings" to aid in guiding it into the clips.


These real holsters have a similar design, but also protect the trigger and muzzle:


M320: http://stores.greygrouptraining.com/-strse-3449/Grenade-Launcher-Holster/Detail.bok


MP9: http://www.dsarms.com/Tactical-Thigh-Strap-Holster-Right-Hand---BT30332R/productinfo/BT30332R/

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as much as I hate to double post, I was bored and remembered I could never find strobe holders that were designed quite how I would like, so I threw one together from some salvaged cordura, not sure if it's official crye or not though. It doesn't bother me too much because it was free.



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