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Armalite Picture Thread

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Actually that is a phantom flash hider. the troy one looks like a meat tenderizer


Strange thing, here. I have a Troy style and a Phantom style. Both have the meat tenderizer tips.



bored at work today, figured id take some proper pictures of my armalites:


If you don't mind me asking...where do you work?


BTW, the second picture is win.



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just an old collection that hasn't been posted yet

most of the parts build from DBOYS, including gearbox, except for body (G&P Colt M4) and the front set is from TM M4 RIS (i hate this thing, it wooble too much, i'm planning to get G&P M4 RAS), and the PEQ is VFC (borrowed my friend)








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I sold my XM-607 and I was lacking an AR series weapon.

I have an interesting idea for my WA M4 so I thought I'd build a "tacticool" M4.


This is my first one so here goes.


Dytac Vltor VIS upper

MAGPUL pts lower


FF mahoosive battery stock.

QD magnifier/eotech mount thing.

Systema steel furniture kit

Dytac gas block.

I cut a barrel up so it would fit like this with the KFH right in front of the VIS.


I have a MkIII Pro-Win box for it

a set of Riot SC cyclone gears

one of the new Panther uber-MOSFETs

and a evo parts set


I just need to build the inners, I am waiting on a new Magnum motor and some massive batteries to finish it.


I am posting to get some publicity.


As you can see, I have run out of OD Krylon. Someone in the south east of the UK please let me have some


I will go mad if I can't finish it in OD...



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Wow, internals sound impressive...and that thing looks heavy...


Thanks, I'm hoping for 50+rps.


It is heavy but it's no heavier than the damn LSW I had to lug around for 5 years.

Plus I am massive.



I've never seen an EGLM on an AR before. It looks great. :)



Yeah, It looks good, I think I will sell my RAS 203. No need for it now.


Nice! Got a link to the Pro Win box? Is it any better than the previous runs? Which had a load of problems? Or should I wait and get a Haynes?


It depends what you are after, the Mk1 was a pain to assemble, there was a MK1.5 limited edition in a sort of green colour and the MkII and MkIII are a bit easier.

There is a knack to assembling them, they are a pain and there is no formula for which components will make it work.

It is sort of trial and error with the nozzle and hop rubber/nub.


If you can't be arsed fiddling for ages then the Haynes is a better bet, I have one of those too and it is much easier to build.


I just get the feeling that the Pro-Win when properly running has a better hop solution.


It looks pretty bling too :)



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